What To Expect And How To Prepare For A Job Interview — New Webinars In January 2019

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UPDATE: These webinars have already been completed and are no longer available for purchase. Please sign up for our newsletter on the right sidebar to be notified of future webinars.


If landing a new job is one of your new year’s resolutions, you need to know how to interview. If you want to make a career change, get a promotion, or grow your small business, you still need to know how to talk about yourself (that’s just an interview disguised in a different format).

I am hosting two webinars on interviewing for jobs to take the guesswork on what to expect and how to prepare. After 20+ years in recruiting, both in-house and with a retained executive search firm, I have interviewed thousands of candidates for different industries, companies, and roles.

There is so much to cover that a one-hour webinar won’t be enough, so the content will be divided into 2 parts. $20.19 gives you access to both webinars.

January 17, 2019, 1p Eastern: How To Prepare For A Job Interview

  1. Two elements of the “best” interview responses
  2. Five steps to giving clear examples without getting mired in the details
  3. How to handle a hostile interviewer
  4. How to address red flags – too little/ too much experience, gap in your employment history, fired from your last job
  5. How to structure common questions you know you’re going to get (“Tell me about yourself” is a minefield)
  6. Questions to ask
  7. Mistakes to avoid – the interview starts much earlier than you think, thank you note horror stories, and more

The first webinar, Behind-the-Scenes In The Job Interview – A Recruiter’s Perspective, aired on January 10. A full replay is available to registrants of the January 17 webinar. In this webinar, we covered:

  1. Real-life examples of how interviews fit into the employment hiring process
  2. Live versus Phone versus Video – the medium changes the experience (for both sides)
  3. First round versus Callbacks – even if questions are similar, employers are listening for different things
  4. 1:1 versus Group – how to handle more than one interviewer at one time
  5. Exploratory, behavioral, technical…there are many types of interviews
  6. Executive presence – a checklist so you know where you stand
  7. How the process changes for senior-level hiring

Watch this 4 minute excerpt from the first webinar on Live verses Phone versus Video, and register to purchase the full replay:


Just $20.19 for access to both webinars – in celebration of 2019. All registrants will receive access to the replays, so you can refer to the coaching again and again.

This will be the only opportunity to access these individual webinars — I am recording them for an upcoming series, and they will not be available as a standalone product after January 17, 2019.

See you at the webinar!

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