Troubleshoot Your Job Search — New Webinar On Tuesday, February 12

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troubleshoot your job search

An experienced professional came to me with a conundrum. He had an amazing resume – top universities, brand-name employers, impressive career progress. He landed a lot of meetings, and networking contacts always returned his calls. However, after several busy months talking to dozens of people in his target sector, he still didn’t have a job. What was he doing wrong?

Even smart and talented professionals get stuck in the job search. It’s important to troubleshoot your job search on a regular basis so you don’t waste time on the wrong things or doing the right things the wrong way. In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  1. Common reasons why your job search might still get stuck, even when you are a qualified candidate
  2. Why your resume is not enough to get you interviews and what to do instead
  3. Why your interview performance may be holding you back and how to improve it
  4. Three main pitfalls to look out for in late-stage interviews and how to prevent these from derailing your next offer
  5. How to keep your job search organized – three things you absolutely need to track and how you can easily do this (no special software required)
  6. Avoidable job search mistakes too many career changers make when they look for a job in a new industry or role
  7. How to stay motivated and focused in your job search despite the inevitable ups and downs

I’ll share the insights that helped the experienced professional course-correct his stale job search and land two competing offers within three months.

Join me live at 1p Eastern on Tuesday, February 12, or listen to the replay. All registrants will receive access to the replay in case you miss the live airing and so you can refer to the coaching again and again.

We’ll also have ample time for Q&A so you’ll have a chance to ask about what’s holding you back specifically.

Just $20.19 to register – in celebration of 2019.

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Here is a clip about phone interviews, from our last webinar: Behind The Scenes In The Job Interview.