Video Blog – When Is It OK To Ask About Work-Life Balance

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In this job search Q&A, I answer Tricia’s questions about work/life balance:
How to find jobs with good work-life balance in an industry or profession known for long work hours;
How do you relay in an interview that you are not able to work a 60-hour work week but still are a dedicated, hard-working employee?

You can find jobs with good work-life balance with exhaustive research but don’t ask about this outright! Remember:

1) If an industry or profession is truly known to have long work hours, then you may be looking for too rare an exception to build a fruitful career there, and you may want to pivot now and throw your efforts into a more hospitable career;

2) Find out whether 60-hour work weeks are a possibility, probability or inevitability. But don’t ask about this, especially early in the process. Ask people who are not interviewing you. Or at least wait till the very late stages when you know the employer is truly interested you. Even then, tread gingerly because it’s hard to ask about minimizing your hours without seeming like you are minimizing your commitment.

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