10-Day Blog Challenge Day 3: Visualizing Your Perfect Day

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This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3 which is about Visualizing Your Perfect Day.

I was excited to get this particular challenge because it’s a popular coaching exercise, and yet I haven’t done it in a while. On the plus side, I haven’t felt a pressing need to do the Perfect Day exercise because I feel like I’m very close to a perfect life right now. On the down side, I haven’t revisited this exercise especially recently because I’ve been overscheduled, and busyness is the antithesis of my perfect day! So clearly my life is not perfect, it’s too busy, and I need to refocus back to my Perfect Day.

family at the beach

family at the beach

My Perfect Day is not scheduled or routine, so I’m definitely not going to make this a time log – with 5a doing this and 5:30a doing that….Instead, I know my Perfect Day includes these essential elements:

  • Pancakes (not eating them. I’ll explain in the details section!)
  • Piano
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Beach

I started with pancakes because I cook them for my youngest once a week (mostly every week but sometimes we’ll go out for breakfast instead). Pancakes, to me, represents the cooking and baking at home activity with the family and for the family. When I’m doing that, it feels like a big expanse of time, even though it’s usual just an hour, sometimes even less. This activity really grounds me, whether it’s actually pancakes or roast chicken or baked pasta (three of my family’s favorite dishes of mine) or something else.

Piano is actually something new on my list because after not playing for almost 20 years, I’ve been planning almost every day for the past year, accompanying my youngest who has taken to singing. I’ve advised her to start a YouTube channel called Young Kids singing Old Songs because she’s really into the standards like Smoke Gets In Your Eyes and Misty! Piano is another activity which makes me feel like a time millionaire – I’m fully absorbed while I’m doing it and time just flies.

Exercise, meditation and journaling are the three activities in my morning ritual. I don’t do these nearly regularly enough, and that would change if I had truly perfect days. I would earmark my mornings always for exercise, plus meditation, plus journaling. I know I’m overscheduled when I miss these too many days in a row because my best thinking time is early AM, and when I choose to work in the early AM, then I know I’ve overscheduled my work!

I’m not at the beach now, so this is the biggest missing piece of my Perfect Day! Walking by the water, standing ankle-deep and looking out, watching the waves crest and fall – I would love to do that most days. We already have our condo in Florida for this purpose!

Movies or live shows is another luxury for me. I probably see something several times a week. And I have 200+ movies queued up in my Netflix account.

As you can see, I haven’t included anything specifically work-related. My Perfect Day includes elements I have now – writing, teaching, coaching, consulting, recruiting, investing.  My Perfect Day would include any one of those things, many times more than one. The variety makes it perfect. I’ll just port that part of my work over to the beach!

So my perfect day has a morning routine of exercise, meditation and journaling and then some combination of family meals, piano, a variety of work, and all at the beach. What’s your Perfect Day?

Natalie Sisson 10-Day Blog Challenge

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