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How to Develop a Polished Personal Brand

Smart Tips for Standing Out

Ready to attract your next great opportunity? Your resume, experience and references certainly matter, but even more important is the strength of your personal brand.

Senior management have many strong candidates for every promotion. Recruiters and hiring managers come across hundreds of applicants during the recruiting process. A powerful personal brand will help you stand out in a sea of talented competition.

So what does your personal brand say about you? Do a quick Google search and find out. If you find your personal brand could use a little finesse, here are our top resources for polishing it up.

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3 Ways to Refresh Your Personal Brand
A well-defined personal brand gives you a serious professional edge. Yet if you have a stale resume, inactive social presence, or vague brand, you’re likely headed toward career stagnation. Learn how to power through common branding roadblocks and differentiate yourself in no time.

The Differences Between Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn and your resume are different career tools, each with their own advantages. When prospective employers are reviewing your background, they’ll be sure to look at both.Here’s how you can take advantage of these essential tools to craft your personal brand.

10 Easy Ways to Make Yourself More Hireable
In today’s job market, the only way to become more hireable is to become indispensable. So how do you prove you’re the ultimate go-to person in your field? Read on for powerful ways you can amplify your career with thought leadership.

Feel Like You’re Bragging? If Not, You’re Probably Underselling Yourself
Underselling your accomplishments and expertise is like putting your career on a merry-go-round. Tell your story — stop holding back and start getting heard. Grab these three tips for selling yourself like a pro.


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