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Say you were offered the job of a lifetime, right at this very moment. How prepared are you to negotiate the first offer? If the compensation package, growth options, work-life equation, and scope of the role are less than optimal, it’s time to move the ball back into your court. Not sure how to get started? Here are our top resources to help you prepare for a successful negotiation.


Whether you’re ready to advance in your career or working on making a career transition,
networking is critical. When done right, networking will help you master the all-important “know, like, trust” factor. Are you guilty of letting contacts grow cold or not meeting with the right people? Take matters into your own hands. Here are our top resources for building a network that supercharges your career.


Ready to attract your next great opportunity? Your resume, experience and references certainly matter, but even more important is the strength of your personal brand. A powerful personal brand will help you stand out in a sea of talented competition. If your personal brand could use a little finesse, here are a few free personal branding resources to help you polish it up.


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