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tips for better negotiationIn this episode of the SixFigureStart Career Coaching Radio Show, I answered questions on career reinvention at age 50, finding work at home opportunities, finding more relevant leads, getting promoted, transition from military to civilian, and salary negotiation when you’ve already low-balled your salary in an earlier job interview:





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Elizabeth asks: How to reinvent myself at 50?!!

Emma asks: How can I get myself into a full-time Java Programmer role based from home? (I am in a very flexible part time role now – a few hours a week teaching Java to grade 9-12 students)…However the teaching role is not industry Java projects!  I put out my Resume for these telecommute roles and I get 0 back!

Leo asks: My most pressing question is as the world and economy shifts, how do I move into a more relative field? I believe I have succeeded in finding the roles I want to attack, which is great. Now the question is how.

Kavya asks: I am a pragmatic product manager with many years of experience in the areas that I have focused on. I always get the job done and do it quite well. I end up as the go to person in the product areas that I have taken ownership for. I notice that the folks that I worked in the past (mostly men) have grown to become VPs at various companies. But I have not much progress in terms of growth (especially title & responsibility). This concerns me and want to seek help so I can take some strategic steps to grow and be successful as a career woman.

Tracy asks: My most pressing career-related concern is where I should aim my job search in the civilian hierarchy as I transition from military service to the civilian sector.  Is it best to apply for jobs where I meet every, single requirement/qualification, or should I shoot slightly higher and rely on my ability to learn and adapt? As a senior commissioned officer …I certainly meet all of the requirements for a Project Manager, but I believe I am also qualified for more senior positions like Project Management Director with maybe one or two small gaps.  Any advice?

RC asks: In the initial interview with an HR person, I was asked my asking salary for the Digital Ad Ops position–which I low-balled. Is there anyway to recover and ask for a higher salary without seeming greedy?

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