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Kerry Mullins is the Director of Recruitment for KIPP NYC, a K-12 charter school system, where she recruits for mid- to senior-level positions throughout the organization, including teachers, school leaders, and professional and administrative staff.

1    What is an example of something a strong candidate did very well or that impressed you?

I can’t think of one thing but generally I look for candidates to have done their homework and prepared – even if they are junior or perhaps lack certain job specific requirements.  I like to see evidence that they know about the company, position and interviewer and that they have prepared a few questions in advance of the interview.  Strong candidates always do these things.

2    What is a pet peeve or dealbreaker that candidates may unwittingly or carelessly do?

 I’m generally ok if a candidate shows up for an interview with me up to about 5 minutes late (which can often be a deal-breaker for many interviewers) but if a candidate does not apologize for the lateness, I take note.  You’d be surprised how often people do not apologize (perhaps thinking you won’t notice.)

3    Many jobseekers spend a lot of time fretting about the resume.  Is this a good idea?  What is another area (interviewing, networking, follow-up, online profile, company research, etc) that you recommend jobseekers spend significant time on?

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