Get Ready To View Your Life Holistically

… develop an action plan to move past excuses holding you back

… live the life of your dreams

Life success is the foundation of career success

Many of the questions we get about career change revolve around job search tactics — how do I tweak my resume? How do I introduce myself? How do I interview more competitively against those with direct experience?

Yes, it’s true that you’ll need to be effective in your job search to launch a new career. But first and foremost, your life has to be in order because you’ll need a strong foundation to support the disruption a career change brings.

SixFigureStart has always been a career coaching firm, but Caroline actually started as a life coach, years before partnering with Connie. While we decided to focus the business tightly on career given our expertise, life coaching is critical, and we’ve finally found a life coaching course we can recommend**.

Introducing Inner.U and The Handel Group

The Handel Group, founded by Lauren Zander, specializes in life coaching.

Their program, Inner.U is a 12 session online course that gives you the tools to hack into your own life, hone your dreams, and have every last thing you want in the areas that matter most to you: CAREER, MONEY, LOVE, TIME, FAMILY, and HEALTH. Do this life thing better from wherever, whenever.

Taught at Yale, Harvard and Stanford, and used by thousands of clients over 20+ years, Inner.U is now available for you to take at your own pace.

Why a course by someone else? Our specialty is career coaching. The Handel Group specializes in life coaching. It’s always preferable to work with specialists, especially with some as important as life coaching.

Caroline recently recorded a webinar with Inner.U life coach Jill Alban, which takes you through several of the key concepts and exercises:

“Lauren has changed my life. People say that kind of thing all the time … but this is the real deal. I can flat-out say I have never been happier, more fulfilled, or more certain and excited about the path ahead of me. Nor have I had more FUN! Lauren’s method is a gift that is now available to everyone.”

— Hugh Jackman

Get more details and register here.

Here’s what you get:

  • 12 audio coaching sessions with creator, Lauren Zander.
  • 14 homework assignments with hot tips, tools, and cheat sheets.
  • 1 free private coaching call with a Certified HG coach.
  • 2 free live group coaching calls a month, led by a Certified HG Coach.
  • The Promise Tracker — our integrity-boosting, life-simplifying digital butt kicker!
  • Analytics on your progress, your Personal Integrity ® Score, and your Life Balance.
  • A community of better humaning people cheering you on!
  • Prizes, badges, and free stuff for being awesome.
  • And lifetime access to all of the above.

$75 Cyber Monday Savings

For a limited time, the links on this page will give you $75 off the cost of the program. This offer expires on Cyber Monday, December 2, 2019, so buy something for yourself before spending all your money on other people.

Inner.U normally costs $650, but you’ll get $75 off using the links on this page!

Additional Fast Action Bonus

As a BONUS from SixFigureStart, if you purchase Inner.U from this page, you will also receive a 30-minute 1:1 goal-setting session with Caroline. Be sure to email once you register, to schedule your session.

Get more details and register here.

**As an affiliate, SixFigureStart receives a referral fee from The Handel Group for each registrant that joins via the link above. The cost is the same to you whether you register using our link or directly on The Handel Group website.