Making FIRE Possible

Caroline’s newest course, Making FIRE Possible, is for professionals and entrepreneurs who want an alternative to the 24/7 hustle of traditional corporate culture. In this 4-week course, you will expand your perspective about FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early): why FIRE is important for everyone; how to think differently about your income and expenses; and how Caroline’s FIRE escape took her from a lifetime of living in New York City to the beach in Costa Rica. This course is currently FREE for the beta round, which starts on July 15. Register HERE.



Behind The Scenes In The Hiring Process

Behind The Scenes In The Hiring Process is a comprehensive e-course on how to land a job you love. Caroline covers the difference between traditional job search and the more important “hidden job market”, how to work with recruiters, how to identify opportunities, how to market yourself, network and interview effectively, how to turn around a problem job search, and how to negotiate and close an offer. Structured in 7 modules (48 lessons total) and available on your desktop or mobile, this course takes the often overwhelming process of finding a job and breaks it down into accessible and actionable steps.



Jump Ship: 10 Steps To Starting A New Career

If you’ve ever wanted to change your career but didn’t know how to do it, where to start, or if it was even feasible, Jump Ship: 10 Steps To Starting A New Career, provides a 10-step process to get you moving. Originally published by ForbesMedia in 2015 as part of its Amazon e-how to collaboration, Jump Ship is a Kindle book exclusively available on Amazon.