Do you have any regrets?

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Recently, I received the below email, and it reminded me of my inspiration for writing How The Fierce Handle Fear

How the Fierce Handle Fear was a great read.  Like you, I don’t ever what to have any ‘regrets’ which is indeed scarier than fear.  Thank you for your words of wisdom, inspiration and the courage to fight fear. I am staying fierce!  Best regards, Paula

I wrote How The Fierce Handle Fear to share my tactic of overcoming fear:  focusing on regret.  I am naturally fearful but now I fear regret rather than the downside of what I am pursuing. 

I used to talk myself out of taking a risk by focusing on the negatives that can happen.  Now I focus on the regret of not trying.  I replace one fear (fear of failure) with another (fear of regret).  This was how I overcame fear to change careers (from classical piano to consulting to recruiting to acting to corporate HR).  This was how I overcame fear to leave a corporate career and start a business.  This was how I overcame fear to write How The Fierce Handle Fear with the likes of Donald Trump, Jack Canfield, and Pamela Slim.

You might not ever feel 100% ready.  I never did when I took big leaps.  But I don’t have any regrets.  Do you have big moves you’re thinking of making?  Will you have any regrets if you don’t?

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