Media reel for Caroline Ceniza-Levine featuring appearances on CBS, CNN, Nightly Business Report, CBS Moneywatch, Entrepreneur, and Yahoo! Finance:


Caroline shares career tips in the Newsweek cover story on How to Survive a Recession: 12 Tips You Should Take Now To Protect Your Money

Caroline appears on Cheddar TV to talk about how to take your career to the next level

Caroline is quoted on CNBC about how to prepare for a recession

Silicon Republic picked up Caroline’s career transition tips in Do you have this year’s most sought-after transferable skills?

Caroline is quoted on CNBC about how getting to know the right people is key to getting the right salary

Caroline shares how not to drop the ball on follow-up for the Ladders piece: Caution! Don’t do any of these 4 things after a job interview

Caroline is quoted on CNBC about the importance of networking in your job search

Caroline appears on Yahoo! Finance to share tips on setting deadlines for your career change (minute 0:20)

Caroline appears on CNBC to share job search tips for upcoming graduates (minute 6:12) as well as maximizing early days on the job (minute 21:25)

Caroline shares tips on how job seekers can be more competitive for STEM jobs for CNBC on How To Get The Job You Really Want

Caroline shares interview tips in Oprah Magazine on How to Answer 11 of the Most Common Job Interview Questions

Caroline weighs in on how much experience should appear on your resume for CNBC Make It

Caroline shares a tip with The Ladders on the Art of the Cold Call

Caroline is quoted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution on 7 ways to break out of a rut at your job

Caroline shares tips with Global News on Holiday Networking Emails: If You Don’t Write Now, You May Regret It Later

Caroline chimes in on to answer: Is it  normal to lie about money, work or job skills? What data suggests about lying and gender

Connie shares the best way to ask for a raise on Yahoo! Finance

Connie relays two real-life examples of frighteningly inept Wall Street interview fails for eFinancialCareers

Connie shares tips on how to make a strong impression in a Wall Street job interview on eFinancialCareers

SixFigureStart is named by Feedspot as one of the Top 100 Career Development Blogs!

Caroline shares tips for bankers looking to get a new job on Wall Street in 2018 on eFinancialCareers

Caroline comments on 10 in-demand jobs for workers without a bachelor’s degree for USA Today

Caroline talks about 6 Ways To Play Salary Catch-up on Dice

Caroline shares tips on How busy Wall Street bankers can find a new job on eFinancialCareers

Caroline shares ideas for how to handle work absences so you can interview for other jobs on Mental Floss

Caroline appears on the CBS Evening News to talk career change after age 45

Caroline shares tips in eFinancialCareers for what to do if you’re in the totally wrong job

Caroline is quoted in Mic on how to write the perfect cover letter

Caroline’s blog on networking mistakes even smart professionals make is syndicated to Business Insider

Caroline is quoted in eFinancialCareers for Someone junior pinched your Wall Street job. Here’s what to do about it

Regina Barr interviews Caroline about career change and her latest book, Jump Ship: 10 Steps To Starting A New Career

Always ask for more — that’s Caroline’s contribution to Carol Roth’s round-up of 80 of the Best Entrepreneurship Quotes

SixFigureStart is named one of the best career blogs in 2017 by Credit Donkey

Caroline is quoted in eFinancialCareers on how to nail the “walk me through your resume” question

Caroline guests on the Michael S. Robinson radio show to talk about difficult bosses

Caroline counters that your better-paid colleague might deserve it in CNBC: 5 reasons your co-worker makes more than you

Connie shares tips on navigating a hiring freeze in efinancialcareers

Caroline shares tips on career change and job search on the CareerMetis podcast

Caroline shares tips on Barron’s Next on How to Ace Your Next Job Interview

Caroline guests on the Access to Anyone podcast to talk about How To Transition Careers and Get Yourself Hired

Caroline comments on how to change your approach to final job interviews in efinancialcareers

Caroline shares tips on how to explain gaps on your resume in efinancialcareers

Caroline talks to efinancialcareers about How to make the most of an investment banking superday

Caroline comments on efinancialcareers on How to take a vacation as an investment banker when heads are rolling

Caroline appears on CNBC On the Money to talk about employers’ reactions to gap years and online degrees

Connie comments on the two-tiered recovery and what it means for job seekers on LinkedIn Pulse.

You accepted a new job and it’s a disaster. What next? Caroline comments for eFinancial Careers

Caroline shares cover letter cliches to avoid on eFinancial Careers

Caroline appears on CBS Radio – Jill On Money to talk about how to change careers

Caroline guests on So Money with Farnoosh Torabi sharing negotiation tips and other career-related money strategies

Caroline guests on Turn The Page radio sharing 3 career change strategies with real-life examples

Caroline guests on the Business Breakthrough podcast – Who and How To Hire If You Want Your Business to Grow — to talk about hiring strategies for small business

Connie shares the recruiter’s point of view on interviews in Yahoo for Interview confessions of a former recruiter

Caroline talks about real estate investing with The Turnkey Real Estate Investing Podcast

Caroline shares the recruiter’s point of view on resumes in Yahoo for Resume confessions of a former recruiter

Caroline shares tips on how to Start A Side Hustle: Turn Your Talent Into A Job in The Guardian

SixFigureStart makes the list of Best Career Advice Blogs 2015 by eCollegeFinder

Caroline comments on about the disappointing BLS employment numbers and why now is still an awesome time to look

Caroline chimes in on how lack of money isn’t the problem for start-ups in Inc Magazine

Caroline appears on True Life on MTV giving interview advice to a young job seeker with a helicopter mom

Caroline is quoted on about how long is too long for a resume

Caroline appears on the CBS Evening News to talk about social media and the job hunt: 

Caroline returns to to talk about career change, including tips for the older career changer:

Caroline returns to to talk about the rise of freelancing:

Caroline is quoted in on How to Negotiate Your Salary When You Don’t Have Any Experience

Caroline shares salary negotiation tips at in Don’t ask for a raise before you do this

Caroline shares resume tips at in On the job hunt? Here’s how to stand out

Caroline shares tips for temp managers at eFinancial Careers: How to excel as an interim manager in the banking sector

Caroline is interviewed about the SixFigureStart story for Soul Purpose Company: Building A Business That Serves You

Caroline returns to Fox Business Career Accelerator to encourage viewers to Stop Saying You Are Too Busy To Network:

Caroline is quoted in Real Business: Infographic on Make a Perfect Elevator Pitch

Caroline shares tips on getting your emails read in Business Insider: Tips For Getting Busy Coworkers To Read Your Emails

Caroline is a guest on LA Talk Radio “What Women Want” to talk about how to “lean in” more with your business, career and life

Caroline is quoted in Business Insider on Tips For Quitting Your Job

Caroline appears on Yahoo Finance answering career questions at Bryant Park in NYC on how to move up in your career:

Caroline is quoted in Business Insider on How To Write A Thank You Note That Gets You The Job

Caroline is cited in Fast Company on How To Get Promoted Without Working Long Hours.

Caroline appears on ABC World News Tonight to comment on women and negotiation for Equal Pay Day:

ABC US News | ABC Entertainment News

Caroline appears on The Coaching Game with Laurie Lawson to riff on the impact Fear on career and life decisions:

Connie talks to Real Business about How To Pick Rock Star Summer Interns

Caroline appears on Fox Business Career Accelerator to share 5 ways to get a fresh career start this year:

Caroline is quoted in Crain’s New York on how employers use new measurements for hiring.

Caroline returns to Fox Business Career Accelerator to share salary negotiation advice:

Caroline shares career resolutions to make on CNBC Nightly Business Report:

Caroline talks to Fox Business Career Accelerator about when to come to work (or not) on a snow day:

Caroline shares job search tips for the new year on EBRU News (segment runs from minute 9:00-12:00)

Caroline guest posts on productivity for Over 40 Females: Are You Responding Or Just Reacting?

Caroline is interviewed on Personal Branding for the Doubt the Doubts podcast with Paul Blais

Caroline shares a planning tip in Quartz on The Complete Guide To Setting Goals

Caroline is quoted in Pacific Daily News on 10 things smart job seekers do

Caroline returns to Fox Business Career Accelerator to share how to get job referrals you can actually use:

Caroline talks to Moe Abdou about trends in career and entrepreneurship in the 33 Voices podcast

Connie shares strategies for executive women navigating gender bias for 4 Ways To Subvert Second-Generation Gender Bias

Caroline shares tips on casual dress in the workplace for The Ins and Outs of Casual Days At Work

Caroline is published in the New York Enterprise Report on Business at a Crossroads? 3 Ways Data Can Provide the Answer.

Caroline and one of her business coaching clients share Tips For Relocating A Business in Executive Travel.

Caroline comments on CNBC about whether it is worthwhile for experienced professionals to return to school

Caroline shares strategies and tips for getting a promotion on Fox Business Career Accelerator:

Caroline is quoted in CBS Moneywatch on 4 Surprising Ways HR Can Help You

Caroline is quoted in Bankrate on How To Stay On Top In The Career Game

Connie is quoted in Forbes on what to do When You’re More Qualified Than The Boss

Caroline is quoted on getting a raise in Money Magazine: How To Reach $1 Million: Time To Think Like A Great CEO

Caroline shares tips on humor in the workplace at Did I Hit Your Funny Bone? How To Use Humor (the right way) In The Workplace

Connie shares tips to getting a raise at Fiscal Times: 9 Steps To Getting A Raise

Caroline shares 3 tips on how to research company culture on Fox Business Career Accelerator:

Caroline is featured in for Moms Who Have Stepped Out Of Their Comfort Zone.

Caroline is quoted in Nerd Wallet on Seven Tips From Successful Entrepreneurs: What They Wish They Had Known.

Caroline is quoted in MarketWired on Women & Social Media.

Connie is quoted in on How To Negotiate Severance.

Caroline shares tips on how to ask your boss for feedback on Fox Business Career Accelerator:

Caroline compares salary talk to interoffice dating as she lobs in her opinion in Fortune Magazine: Salary talk with coworkers: Is it ever a good idea?

Caroline shares advice for women professionals who want more feedback from their managers in Women’s Health: How to Ask Your Boss for Feedback

Caroline shares 3 signs you should leave your job for Fox Business Career Accelerator:

Caroline shares what NOT to put on the resume for Business News Daily: Words To Leave Off Your Resume

Caroline shares job search tips for moms returning to work for Cafe Yak: Back To Work After Baby

Connie gives tips on handling office dating gone wrong for US News & World Report: How To Bounce Back From An Office Break-up

Caroline shares career planning advice for job seekers thinking of moving for their next opportunity in Bankrate: 8 Questions TO Ask Before A Job Relocation

Caroline shares tips on informational interviews with CBS Moneywatch: Why You Should Ask For An Informational Interview

Caroline appears on Fox Business’ Career Accelerator to share tips on how to respond after a disappointing performance review, year-end bonus, or raise.

Caroline also shares gift ideas for job seekers.

Caroline suggests good ideas for Small Business Resolutions for 2013 on MarketWire for Small Business

Caroline shares tips with CBS Moneywatch on 5 Times To Completely Overhaul Your Resume

Caroline coaches on how to overcome career change fears on Fox Business Career Accelerator:

Caroline shares career change tips with CNN on Your Bottom Line

Caroline shares tips with CBS Moneywatch on How To Find A Company Contact Before You Apply

Caroline talks to US News on How To Handle A Horrible Boss

Caroline talks about the six steps to job search success on Fox Business Career Accelerator show

Caroline talks to Amex OPEN Forum about social media clubs

Caroline is featured in EBRU, the Turkish news channel, on job hunting in today’s difficult market

Caroline shares tips with CNN on how to make your job application stand out

Caroline is quoted in CBS Moneywatch on What To Do The Night Before A Job Interview

Caroline is featured in on How To Be Cash-Flow Positive On Day One:


Connie is quoted in on How To Work For More Than One Boss And Stay Sane

Caroline guest posts for the International Freelancers Academy on How to Get Business From People You Already Know

Caroline is quoted in CareerBuilder on Stop Making These Career Mistakes

Caroline is quoted in CBS Moneywatch on Job Interviews: 5 Ways to Leave a Good Impression

Caroline is quoted in Investor’s Business Daily on How To Manage Your Personal Brand Online; Tips For LinkedIn

Caroline is quoted in CBS Moneywatch on 9 tips to prepare for a job interview

Caroline is quoted in the Chicago Tribune on likeability: Want job? First, employer must like you

Caroline is quoted in on Showing Up In Swimwear and Other Job Hunting No-Nos

Caroline returns to CNN Your Bottom Line to talk about what works in a competitive job search market

Caroline is quoted in Working Mother on Lessons From Working Dads

Caroline is quoted in Investor’s Business Daily on Talk Like You Mean Business

Caroline guest posts in Adweek for the New America Series on Trouble With the Rules of Engagement: Protocols for Demographic Affinity

Caroline is quoted in US News & World Report on 10 Ways to Be More Productive at Work

Caroline returns to CBS Moneywatch Ask the Experts to talk about the 2nd quarter 2012 job market

Caroline is quoted in Fortune on Grads: A lame job is better than no job

Caroline is quoted in on 7 Tricky Job Intervew Questions and How to Answer Them

Caroline is quoted in CBS Moneywatch on 7 Signs You’re Acing A Job Interview

Caroline appears in the Career Smarts video series for Demand Media’s eHow channel

Caroline is quoted in CBS Moneywatch on 4 Things To Do Now To Get Summer Fridays In July

Caroline shares 4 Ways To Improve Freelancing Revenues in

Caroline is quoted in on What To Do When You Feel Stuck As Entrepreneur

Caroline is featured in as one of the Executive Women Who Make The Most Of Work-Life Balance

Caroline is quoted in CBS Moneywatch on How to Use Humor In A Job Interview

Caroline is quoted in on how to Conquer Fear at Work and Be More Successful

Caroline guest posts for on the lack of representation of Asians in media and advertising in Is Including A Stereotype Inclusive Enough

Caroline appears on CBS Moneywatch Ask the Experts and answers job search questions on resumes, career change, age discrimination and other hot topics in today’s job market

Caroline is quoted in CBS Moneywatch about how to Tweet your way to a new job: 8 Twitter templates

Caroline appears on CNN Your Bottom Line about job search prospects in 2012:

Caroline is quoted in Money Magazine on Talk Your Way To A Better Pay Raise

Caroline is quoted in on 11 Expert Tips on How to Set Life- and Business-Changing Goals for the New Year

Connie coaches two new graduates on how to jumpstart their career search in The College Career Search is Something to Talk About

Caroline gives tips for people juggling freelance, part-time and internships in The Daily News: Six Career Tips For Job Jugglers

Caroline gives tips in for women to keep negotiating salary raises throughout their career: Keep Getting Raises Long After the Dreaded 37

Caroline talks job search strategy on The Skip Mahaffey Show. See podcast for Sept. 19, hour 2

Connie is quoted in eFinancial Careers: Keep Recruiter Relationships Going Post-Graduation — Even If You’ve Secured An Internship

Caroline is quoted in The Huffington Post: Coaching Your Career In A Changing Economy

Caroline is quoted in BNET: 4 Things You Should Never Share With HR

Caroline is quoted in Life Goes Strong: No Makeup, No Job

Caroline is featured in Momtastic: Work, Life & Balance

Caroline reveals one way job seekers ruin their chances to get hired in Business Insider: Headhunters Reveal 11 Ways to Ruin Your Chance of Getting A Job

Caroline shares strategies for getting results in your job search in MSN Careers: 10 Strategies For Job Search Success

Caroline takes a contrarian stance in Media Bistro on 5 Reasons Job Seekers Should Use A Recruiter

Caroline is quoted in CBS Moneywatch on The Informational Interview: 7 Easy Steps to Success

Caroline is quoted in MSN Careers on 3 Ways To Mine Your Network For A Job.

Caroline is quoted in Success Magazine on career investments

Caroline is featured on Ladies Who Launch

Caroline appears on CBS with tips for women on negotiating a raise

A SixFigureStart client shares a negotiation success story on CBS Moneywatch

Caroline is quoted in CNN Money about How To Step Up Your Career This Year

Caroline talks about using keywords in LinkedIn on

Caroline is quoted on in Get the Job Done: 6 Ways to get what you want in the workplace

Caroline is quoted on in Hot Careers For The New Year

Caroline is quoted on in Show Me The Money

Caroline is quoted on Career risks: Tips for deciding which are worth taking

Watch Connie and Caroline on CBS Moneywatch, coaching clients on salary negotiation

Watch Caroline present “Scoring The Perfect Job” at St. Francis College, part of the Department of Labor, Women’s Bureau career series

Caroline is quoted in “Does Persistence Really Pay ” for

Caroline is interviewed on career change for the International Coach Academy Speaker Series

Caroline is quoted in iGrad’s “How To Negotiate a Top Salary for an Entry-Level Job”

Caroline is interviewed on jumpstarting your career on Life Shifting With Dr. J, Transformation Talk Radio

Caroline is quoted in “10 Things Smart Job Seekers Do” for

Caroline’s 100 Dreams life coaching exercise is cited in Whole Living, August print edition. See the In Balance section.

Caroline wins business grant from the Jones New York Empowerment Fund

Caroline shares research resources in AOL Jobs’ Secret Weapons and Underused Resources for Your Career Arsenal

Caroline comments on the increased competition younger workers face in City Journal

Caroline shares tips for younger workers to compete with the more experienced in

Caroline is quoted in AOL Jobs about Too Much Cleavage and Other Interview Booby Traps

Caroline talks to Farnoosh Torabi about the benefits of international experience

SixFigureStart Coaching Gym featured in Time Out New York

Caroline’s List of 100 Dreams exercise is featured in Laura Vanderkam’s new book, “168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think”

Caroline is quoted in on How To Ask For Your Pay Cut Back

Caroline is quoted in Real Simple, the June issue print edition. See “How To Find A Job (yes, even now)

Caroline is quoted on Yahoo! Finance in “6 summer job options for college students”

Caroline is interviewed by CBS Moneywatch on the uptick in the job market and what jobseekers should do now:

Caroline is quoted in The Ladders on advice for the long-time unemployed

Connie is quoted in US News & World Report on studying abroad and prospects for the job search upon returning

Caroline is quoted in Newsweek on the career value of a liberal arts education

Connie is quoted in on advice for the elevator pitch

Caroline is quoted in BNET on advice for rookie managers

Connie and Caroline are interviewed for The Brian Lehrer Show, NPR on telephone interview tips

Caroline is featured in BusinessWeek about working with Generation Y

Caroline is quoted in Christian Science Monitor about job prospects for recent graduates

SixFigureStart® column for Conde Nast’s, a behind-the-scenes look at actual job postings and what employers really mean: Classified Information

See Caroline on PCTV in Taming The Cubicle Jungle talking about Intergenerational Differences in the workplace.

Hear Connie’s interview with the Institute of Success and Goal Achievement about the challenges and opportunities of having Four Generations in the workplace.