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Our tips included:

If you are still in the office and have just received notice of your termination:

Save your contact list (not company clients as they are property of your former employer but your personal list that may have gathered on your office computer). Get the personal contact info of your colleagues so you can keep in touch. You need your network;

Save any work that is not confidential and can be used as samples for your portfolio;

Read your company’s severance policy so you know what you can expect to be offered as severance in the termination meeting. If your company does not have an official policy, see if you can find someone (a friend in HR, a laid off colleague) who may know what is customary;

Get alignment with your company as to what the public story will be on your layoff. How much detail with they disclose to employees, to the public;

Update your resume and check with your company to see if a transfer to a subsidiary or vendor or other partner company is possible. Let your employer help you in your search!…

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