It’s Mid-Year Performance Review Time: Are You Halfway To Your Goal

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We’re pushing into June, middle of the year and a good time for a performance review. The last newsletter talked about limiting beliefs, encouraging you to break free and think differently. Thinking big and imagining more possibilities is definitely a good practice, yes, but an equally important practice is getting real about what is happening right now. Are you halfway to your goals for the year?

I am only 20% to my weight loss goal. Yikes! I need to hit 80% of my target with only 50% of the year remaining. Are you behind on your goals? (The selfish part of me is saying, “Please say yes!” Misery loves company.) Here are five coaching questions to help you course-correct:

Is it the right target?

Sometimes when you’re stuck or not doing the work, it’s because you really don’t care. Connect back to your Why — your reason for wanting to hit that specific target.

Are you applying the right strategy?

Maybe you are working away diligently, but you’re trying the wrong things. Look back in the year and see what works. How can you do more of that?

Will the calendar work for or against you?

I know for weight loss, the winter months are typically harder – you eat more, you get outside less. Now I have a sense of urgency to protect my summer bandwidth for this particular goal. At the same time, I know sales pick up in the latter part of the year so I can catch up on that goal then. How about your timelines? What should you prioritize when?

What progress do you need to make each and every day?

An interesting study on saving shows that people saved more when their timeline was measured in days rather than years. What is your target goal by day, by week, by month? Chunking it down into micro-targets may make it more accessible.

What actions and activities will you do today, next week, by July, and by September?

Plot out specific steps (or questions to answer if the steps are unclear) for each day going forward. This way you ensure that you don’t leave things till “tomorrow” which is not any day of the week!

The best time to plant a tree…was 20 years ago. The second best time is today. — Chinese Proverb

Whatever happened the first half of the year, celebrate and repeat what worked, and discard the rest. No sense in beating yourself up if you aren’t as far along as you wanted to be. The better way to spend your energy is on acting now.

Did you ever turn around a so-so year and end with a bang? Let us know what has worked for you!

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