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The Hiring Process Is Overwhelming To Many Job Seekers

  • What happens to your resume once it is submitted?
  • Does applying to job postings even work?
  • Why don’t recruiters respond?
  • How do employers make decisions on who to interview and who gets the offer?

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Go Behind The Scenes In The Hiring Process

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I'm Caroline Ceniza-Levine


As the co-founder of SixFigureStart®, I specialize in helping executives, entrepreneurs, and creatives make a great living doing work they love.  

As a recruiter, I have hired thousands of people from entry-level to experienced, for big brands and start-ups, and in diverse industries, including tech, media, financial services, management consulting, biotech/ healthcare, education and non-profit.

I'm also the author of an e-book all about career change - Jump Ship: Career Change - 10 Steps To Starting A New Career.

What’s covered in the course?

In this 5-day online course delivered right to your inbox, we go behind-the-scenes in the hiring process. You get an understanding of what employers are looking for and can position yourself to get noticed and hired. 

DAY 1:

Resumes are read in 6-7 seconds on average by recruiters. Learn how to make sure the right info pops out on yours.

DAY 2:

Job postings are often out-of-date or incorrect. But you still need them. Learn how to maximize job postings.

DAY 3:

Recruiters are always involved in the hiring process, like it or not. How to work with recruiters.

DAY 4:

Interviews are not created equal. Learn how interviews vary and get a checklist for surviving a general interview.

DAY 5:

Job Search Targets need to be clear. What if you don’t know what your next job should be? 

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Take Our Free Mini-Course 

Go Behind The Scenes In The Hiring Process