Job Search Turnaround: A Real-Life Client Success Story

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An attendee at a recent workshop sent this update about her job search turnaround:

 I wanted to thank you for sharing your insights on “Ace the Interview” webinar through Columbia’s Center for Career Education a few weeks ago. I used your insights immediately after that webinar, during a phone interview with a market research consulting firm, and was successful in getting a job offer thanks to what I learned in the webinar.

Before your webinar, although all of my advisors, professors and employers assured me that I would never have a problem finding a job, I had failed to get even an interview at consulting firms. Finally, the boutique firm I mentioned showed interest in me, and offered me an interview. Instead of feeling excited, I was nervous that my lack of interview experience would cause me to perform poorly.

After your webinar, I knew what I needed to practice. When the time came, I felt at ease during the interview because of the insights you provided. The most helpful tool was your “Antidote to Rambling” insights, which I used to formulate a coherent narrative for each of my projects and internships.

The good news is that this company liked me enough after two phone interviews and an in-person interview to offer me an associate consulting position with incredible opportunities for growth and development.

I could not have gotten this job without your webinar, Caroline!

Thank you. – A.S.

Even if you have not succeeded in past job search efforts, you can turn your situation around as this job seeker did. What worked?

  • She got help (in this case, a webinar).
  • She didn’t delay (“I used the insights immediately”).
  • She didn’t give up, continuing to apply even when she didn’t get interviews initially.
  • She practiced in a proactive way, applying specific techniques from the webinar (“I used [Antidote to Rambling insights] to formulate a coherent narrative for each of my projects and internships”).
  • She maintained her high performance across over time (“two phone interviews and an in-person interview”).

What will you do to turn your job search around?

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