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5 Daily Habits That Promote Ongoing Success

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I have ongoing success, not just one-hit wonders, on the brain. My recent Forbes posts have been book reviews of Larry Weidel’s Serial Winner: 5 Actions To Create Your Cycle of Success and Robert Kaplan’s What You Really Need To Lead: The Power of Thinking and Acting Like an Owner. Both books cover repeat, continual [...]

Are You Using Old Techniques For A New Job

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You may not think you’ve changed jobs, but when you go higher in your career (or larger in your business), your role changes, and you essentially have a new job. I write about preparation strategies for callback interviews in a recent Forbes post as an example of what-got-you-here-won’t-get-you-there. You can’t expect callback interviews to be [...]

Eight Career Habits To Adopt For The New Year

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Reading for professional development is definitely one of the good career habits to adopt for the new year. In my recent 2-part post for Forbes Leadership, I recommended 100 of my favorite coaching books on career advancement, job search, entrepreneurship, productivity, and more: http://www.forbes.com/sites/carolinecenizalevine/2014/12/07/100-coaching-book-recommendations-part-1-entrepreneurship-job-search-career-change-leadership-and-real-life-examples/ Here are seven other good career habits to adopt for 2015: [...]

How to Network Your Way to a New Job in Just 5 Minutes a Day – Money.com and Time.com

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This post originally appears in my weekly column for Money.com and Time.com: Does the word “networking” send shivers down your spine? Maybe it would help if I told you that networking doesn’t have to be a big production or a big time drain. Of course, you want to attend conferences, join professional groups, and have [...]

Stretched Too Thin? 5 Strategies For Coping With Too Much Work – Forbes.com

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This post originally appears in my Work In Progress blog for Forbes.com: Having too much work has become the new normal. With the economy still volatile and employment opportunities still tight, the perfect environment exists for overwork. Employers keen on doing more with less keep resources lean and don’t give managers the budget to do [...]

Get A Fresh Career Start: 5 Things To Do Differently THIS Year – Blog Exclusive

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THANK YOU to the subscribers who responded to our January survey on your career status and interests. (If you didn’t see the survey, don’t worry – we selected a random sample to respond.) Of the respondents, nearly half of you expect to be in a new job by year-end. Top 3 areas you want to [...]

Overwhelmed by Career Commitments? 5 Areas To Simplify – Forbes.com

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This career management post originally appears in my Work In Progress blog for Forbes.com: For many people, there is something career-related on the new year resolutions list. Perhaps you will finally get a new job, ask for that raise, or simply get out more and network. Then the reality of your day-to-day job and busy [...]

If Your New Year Resolution Involves Time Management, Read This First

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In my guest blog for Over 40 Females, I talk about Responding v. Reacting, using the example of email management, the bugaboo that seems to plague the best of us: …A senior financial executive asked: I’m inundated with emails – several hundred. I understand the importance of focusing on my other work and not checking [...]