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Two Real-Life Stories Of Looking For A Job Under Pressure – What To Do And What To Avoid

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When GM announced it was laying off 15% of its workforce, I thought of the laid off workers now looking for a job under pressure. Even without a layoff ramping up the anxiety, the job search carries enough pressure. A job search already tests your resilience with its ups and downs and tests your nerves [...]

Are You Wasting Time At Your Job? 10-Point Checklist To See What Activities To Stop Doing

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One perk of writing multiple blogs (or annoyance, depending on your point of view) is that I get pitched with trends, ideas, and reports on a variety of subjects looking for coverage. I recently wrote a Forbes post on the four-day workweek, inspired by a survey of 3,000 employees around the world that revealed almost [...]

How To Find The Ideal Balance Between Everyday Work And Future Goals

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At a recent workshop, one participant asked how to balance focusing on new ideas versus optimizing the work she already has. Ideally, she would do some of both – deliver on daily responsibilities and work already assigned, but also stay attuned to important upcoming projects for both the company and her forward career momentum. You [...]

Stretched Too Thin? 5 Strategies For Coping With Too Much Work

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Having too much work has become the new normal. With the economy still volatile and employment opportunities still tight, the perfect environment exists for overwork. Employers keen on doing more with less keep resources lean and don’t give managers the budget to do otherwise. Employees nervous about dwindling options take on the extra responsibilities and [...]

A 4-Step Time Management Plan To Balance Immediate Needs With Long-Term Goals

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A time management conundrum: How do you manage everything you have to do right now with important goals you want to achieve in the future? You have a demanding job already, but you want to explore elsewhere (different role, different company, different career). You run your own business and need to serve current clients but [...]

Five Ways To Manage Fear When You Stretch Outside Your Comfort Zone

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I thought about writing about growth, since it’s spring, and growth is something that happens when you stretch outside your comfort zone. (I did write about growth for the 4/16 issue of the newsletter in case you missed that one!) But the flip side of the positive growth that comes when you stretch outside your [...]