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Two Real-Life Stories Of Looking For A Job Under Pressure – What To Do And What To Avoid

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When GM announced it was laying off 15% of its workforce, I thought of the laid off workers now looking for a job under pressure. Even without a layoff ramping up the anxiety, the job search carries enough pressure. A job search already tests your resilience with its ups and downs and tests your nerves [...]

Job Search Turnaround: A Real-Life Client Success Story

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An attendee at a recent workshop sent this update about her job search turnaround:  I wanted to thank you for sharing your insights on “Ace the Interview” webinar through Columbia’s Center for Career Education a few weeks ago. I used your insights immediately after that webinar, during a phone interview with a market research consulting [...]

Book Review: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

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Many of us dream about being able to deliver presentations as well as Steve Jobs did. This book, written by Carmine Gallo, gave me hope that I could improve if I follow just a couple of simple tips: 1. Have “one big idea” to share with your listeners. Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone by saying [...]

How to Control Your Emotions

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Managing emotions at work can be difficult because we put so much of ourselves into our work. We all have emotions but we don’t have to get emotional at work. The most professional managers are calm, cool and collected. I tell my clients to act like a duck … when a duck glides along the [...]

What Super Human Strength Would You Choose?

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Bill Gates was asked this question and he answered: the ability to read at lightening fast speed. He explained that people put all their knowledge, acquired over decades, into books and to have the ability to read and acquire a vast amount of knowledge would be a critical advantage. i wish i could read more. [...]

What Makes for an Effective Career Coach?

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Caroline and I have been career coaches for the past 5 years. Many of our private 1:1 clients are referrals, something that tells us we are going in the right direction. Whenever we start with a new client, we ask them to fill out some client intake documents. One of the questions we ask them [...]

10 Job Search Surprises: Good & Bad!

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When you anticipate things happening in your job search, you are much more able to manage them successfully, so here is my top 10 list of surprises to avoid, or expect in your job search. Each surprise comes from our client experiences in the past year: 1. Answering the question: How would you feel reporting [...]

Positive Psychology Can Change Everything!

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Most people believe that if they are successful at their job and achieve all the goals set for them, that they will be happy. Positive Psychology believes it’s the opposite. If you are happy to begin with, you will be more successful at anything you attempt. When I was the Head of Staffing for Merrill [...]

Negotiation Skills Exchange

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We mostly write about topics and offer our advice. I’m going to use the very direct route of sharing an email exchange from someone I recently coached. Hope you find something helpful to use in your search! Best, Connie ………. Dear Connie- My name is (let’s say) Serena. I met you back in October 11 [...]