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How Do You Convince An Employer To Give You A Chance When You Are Changing Careers – Reader Question

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Rutendo asks: I am a Medical Doctor, trained and currently working [outside the US]. I want to make a move into Clinical Research, and I do have related experience when I was working in one of our teaching hospitals. We’d have several studies running concurrently, so in between admitting patients and so forth, we had [...]

How Do You Know Whether A Company Can Afford Your Desired Salary – Reader Question

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When you are negotiating for your desired salary, it helps to know that you and your prospective employer are even in the same ballpark. In my recent Forbes post, I shared tips on how to avoid a lowball salary, and one of these is to stay away from companies whose salary expectations are unrealistically low. [...]

Career Visibility When You Have Tried And Tried, And Nothing Works – Reader Question

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Reader Kay asks: I’m challenged with finding visibility outside of my unit. I’ve asked for stretch assignments and assignments that would enable me to interface with other units within the organization but those assignments have not materialized. I have no resource for getting exposure and exhibiting my capabilities and skills for career growth purposes. I [...]

How To Find Focus In An Open Workspace – Reader Question

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Reader H.M. asks: What are good ways of finding quiet in an open office or in securing a private office in the hiring process or after starting a job? This is a timely question since many workplaces I’m seeing are moving to an open floorplan – better collaboration and cost efficiency are the two reasons [...]

Career Advice for Starting Over After Age 40 and With No Education

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Monet asked: How do you start over with no education at 40? I love getting questions from our newsletter readers because then I know what topics to cover in the blog. So first of all, thank you, Monet! Consider rephrasing the question What immediately caught my attention was how the question was focused – starting [...]

How to Make Sure You Sail Through a Reference Check – and

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This job search advice piece originally appears in my weekly career column for and You’re in the throes of your job search, and things are looking up—with any luck, the recruiter will call soon to ask for your references. References are important, and definitely not a throwaway step to be considered last-minute. In [...]

Are You Responding Or Just Reacting?

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I led a workshop last week on Resilience, where we covered ensuring peak performance, recovering from mistakes, and maintaining long-term focus. This was for a group of type-A research analysts at a leading financial institution, so they were already operating at a high level. One of the senior participants asked a great back-to-basics question:   [...]

Spring Cleaning For Your Career

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On the May 1 episode of our Blog Talk Radio Career Coaching Show, I talked about how spring cleaning relates to your career: Why May/ June is a great time for the job search and therefore a great time to spring clean your career; What spring cleaning means for a career — physical environment, mental [...]

Is There Value In Niche Graduate Degrees?

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Reader question:  I recently have graduated with my BS in Business Administration, Finance. I’ve been accepted to study the Masters of HR Management. I find HR very interesting and want to learn about the subject, but what if later on I decide to focus on a career outside of HR? If you ask 10 recruiters [...]