Lunch, Coffee, LinkedIn, Oh My! Five Guidelines For Deciding How To Spend Your Networking Time

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How do you decide how to spend your networking time when you’re busy and have precious little extra time? When is it worth the travel time to meet live for lunch or coffee? How do you know what LinkedIn or social media invites to accept? We all have multiple priorities and people competing for our [...]

Your Survival Guide To Holiday Networking: How To Handle Seven Common Problem Situations

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Even if you avoid networking all year, it’s inevitable during the holiday season that you will find yourself at a networking event – your company party, your kids’ school events, the year-end celebration for a professional group you’re involved with. Networking this time of year is also beneficial as people tend to be more festive [...]

Will Networking Pay Off? Five Steps To Measure Your Efforts

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A recent Forbes post explored how much networking it really takes to land a job (spoiler alert: there is no guarantee!). Because networking deals with person-to-person interactions, there will always be some uncertainty. If you do X type of outreach, will networking will pay off? We can’t say with 100% certainty. However, while networking may [...]

Networking And Career Change – How To Introduce Yourself When The Identity You Have Is One You Want To Shed

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If you want to change careers, you may wonder how to introduce yourself, when a common networking introduction is simply name and current job title (i.e., the title you don’t want anymore). This anxiety on how to introduce yourself deters people from networking altogether or might cause an aspiring career changer to mention everything but [...]

How To Write Effective Thank You Notes After A Job Interview: Five Tips With Real-Life Examples

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I still emphasize the importance of thank you notes after 20+ years of teaching job search skills at an Ivy League graduate school (and I’ve taught through both boom and bust hiring markets). Thank you notes after a job interview or general networking meeting keep you front-of-mind with the people you meet. Thank you notes [...]

The Ideal Professional Network — Ten People You Need To Know

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I was leading a career planning workshop for senior executives, which of course includes talk of the ideal professional network. One of the participants dared to say he didn’t return unsolicited calls from recruiters. Seriously? Recruiters are definitely people you need to have in your professional network. Recruiters offer a critical window into the market. [...]

Networking From Scratch — If My Professional Network Suddenly Disappeared, Here Is How I Would Build It Up Again

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A reader of my recent networking post, Ten People You Need To Have In Your Professional Network, gave me a follow-up challenge: I’ve been to so many lectures or read articles and they all say the same thing. Rely on your network or use your network to accomplish this or that. What they all overlook [...]