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3 Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out – Even When You Have No Brand Names In Your Background

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Brand name employers and education are a powerful way to make your resume stand out, but not the only way to make a positive first impression. Brand names include Fortune 500 companies, top-tier universities, high-profile start-ups and other household names that are easily recognizable by a wide variety of people. These places are presumably hard [...]

Ten Ways To Ensure Your LinkedIn Profile Accurately Reflects Your Value

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Recruiters use LinkedIn to hire people. I recently filled a six-figure job where the candidate (who beat out multiple referrals) was someone I originally sourced on LinkedIn. If you are actively looking, you certainly want to be accessible to employers with open jobs. If you are gainfully employed but still want to hear about unexpected [...]

Executive Presence Checklist: Ten Factors That Recruiters Assess

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At a workshop I led on interviewing for executives, one participant asked about what “executive presence” actually means. Is there a checklist of factors that recruiters use to evaluate this? Do you need to be particularly clever, witty or humorous in your communication? What can a job seeker do to ensure they are seen as [...]

You Have More Than One Personal Brand — Take Advantage Of This Flexibility

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Much has been written already about how to maximize your personal brand, and a lot of the focus is on consistency.  With companies, you see it in their advertising: Apple is about design; Walmart is about low prices.; Fedex is about dependable delivery. With people, the ones with a strong personal brand are known for [...]