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Why Everyone Needs Multiple Streams Of Income

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Everyone needs multiple streams of income for diversification. Just like your investments are highly exposed if you only own one type of investment, your income is highly exposed if it only comes from one source. For a gainfully employed professional who has no intentions of holding down a second job, multiple streams could include securities, [...]

What Life Changes Do You Need To Make? 10 Soul-Searching Questions To Ask

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There is no magic bullet…. However, the first step that I advise often takes people by surprise: to be successful in your career change, start by changing everything else first. – Caroline Ceniza-Levine In a recent Forbes post. I wrote about how life changes are the surprising first step to successful career change. Most of [...]

5 Daily Habits That Promote Ongoing Success

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I have ongoing success, not just one-hit wonders, on the brain. My recent Forbes posts have been book reviews of Larry Weidel’s Serial Winner: 5 Actions To Create Your Cycle of Success and Robert Kaplan’s What You Really Need To Lead: The Power of Thinking and Acting Like an Owner. Both books cover repeat, continual [...]

It’s Mid-Year Performance Review Time: Are You Halfway To Your Goal

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We’re pushing into June, middle of the year and a good time for a performance review. The last newsletter talked about limiting beliefs, encouraging you to break free and think differently. Thinking big and imagining more possibilities is definitely a good practice, yes, but an equally important practice is getting real about what is happening [...]

Eight Limiting Beliefs That Derail Career Success

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The post a couple of weeks ago referenced limiting beliefs about leadership development – companies assume employees aren’t interested in leadership; and employees aren’t feeling enough support from their companies to grab those leadership roles. Limiting beliefs are prevalent in a lot of different groups or circumstances – erroneous assumptions by hiring managers (and sometimes [...]