Job Interview Mistakes, Part 4 – Five Overlooked But Critical Factors In Hiring Decisions

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When I wrote a three-part series on job interview mistakes for Forbes, I focused on communication skills – non-verbal, verbal and phone and video. However, there are other aspects of the interview process that are too often overlooked but play a critical role in moving you forward in the process. Here are five critical factors [...]

Four Steps To Interview With Confidence When You Have Little Relevant Experience For The Job

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If you are an aspiring career changer, a new graduate, or even an experienced professional but looking to enter a young industry (e.g., blockchain), then you have less relevant experience for a job than other candidates but still need to interview with confidence. As you sell yourself, you might feel disingenuous doing so. This impostor [...]

How To Write Effective Thank You Notes After A Job Interview: Five Tips With Real-Life Examples

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I still emphasize the importance of thank you notes after 20+ years of teaching job search skills at an Ivy League graduate school (and I’ve taught through both boom and bust hiring markets). Thank you notes after a job interview or general networking meeting keep you front-of-mind with the people you meet. Thank you notes [...]

Job Interview Gone Bad? How To Handle The Hostile, Mean-Spirited, Difficult Job Interviewer

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A job interview is a person-to-person communication, and some people are difficult, so you will likely encounter a difficult job interviewer at some point. The difficult job interviewer pushes back on what you say, picks apart your claims, focuses on your weaknesses and mistakes, or tries to get you to talk trash about your past [...]

10 Tips For A Successful Skype Interview

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Being asked for a video or Skype interview instead of the live job interview is increasingly common. Employers like it because, unlike phone interviews, video or Skype interviews feel closer to live interviews with the ability to connect face-to-face and the employer’s ability to assess non-verbal clues. It’s good for the candidate, too, in that [...]

Tell Me About Yourself – Why Job Interviews Really Ask That Question And Four Ways To Answer

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Tell me about yourself. Walk me through your resume. Walk me through your career.   Many interviews will open with an invitation to tell your story, so you want to prepare to address that specific question. Don’t answer this question in the most literal sense! This isn’t a storytelling contest or a date. It’s a [...]