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How to Write a Resume with an AI Assistant

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AI is making its mark on the HR field, and now it’s influencing how to write a resume! This guest post is from Aaron Yin, founder of Resure Technology, the company that created Glever  which helps people write resumes with AI technology: The hiring industry is continually evolving. If we compare the scenarios of the past to [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Accelerate Your Career Advancement – Guest Post by Julie Perrigan

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Julie Perrigan currently writes for DeVry University, a higher education organization offering on campus and online degree programs. A career is like a relationship. You need to always be working on it to ensure it grows. The moment you stop working on your career is the moment you fall behind. Stagnation is regression; you always [...]

New Job Market in Healthcare Consulting and Administration

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An aging population and monumental changes to the health care industry as The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is implemented create vast career opportunities in the medical field. As more people become eligible for medical care, the structure of medical delivery systems is likely to change. Healthcare administrators are responsible for coordinating all aspects [...]