Negotiation Strategies For Entrepreneurs: 4 Ways You Are Losing Money

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In a recent Forbes post, I wrote about negotiation strategies for the underpaid employee. As an entrepreneur, you also negotiate – when you make a sale, when you decide on specifications or customizations on an offering, or when you change directions on a project. With all this negotiation practice, you would think it would get [...]

Relocating For A Job, Job Search Over 40 And Marketing A Creative Business

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In the February episode of the SixFigureStart Career Coaching Radio Show, I answer questions on relocating for a job, including internationally, job search over 40, and marketing your creative business: Check Out Self Help Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with SixFigureStart on BlogTalkRadio Julie asks: …I have a sales back ground I have achieved my [...]

What If Half Of Your Customers Leave: Retention Strategies For Business Owners

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In my Forbes column on the hot job market, I wrote about retention strategies for employers to keep their best staff. This is not just a corporate issue. As business owners, we have staff, vendors, and partners, and we need to remember that when the market improves, they have options for where to work and [...]

Small Business Marketing Lessons From A Blog Post Gone Viral

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As is good small business marketing practice, I repurpose my content. I have started reposting my older posts onto the new LinkedIn blogging platform. A few weeks in, the below post hit 90,000+ hits in a few days, doubling our website traffic in one day from what we normally see over one MONTH! https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/20141115163923-942774-why-you-still-need-a-cover-letter-even-if-no-one-reads-it?trk=mp-reader-card Doubling [...]

Negotiation for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers: Get Paid What You’re Worth – Video Blog

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In today’s video blog negotiation tip for entrepreneurs, consultants and freelancers, I share 3 strategies to get paid what you’re worth:             You can read about these 3 tips in my small business advice blog for Purple Clover: Stop Attracting Deadbeat Clients! You can read more negotiation tips in the [...]

Why Face-To-Face Meetings Matter Even in the Digital Age – Video Blog

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In today’s career advice video blog, I cover the advantages of meeting face-to-face for networking, job seeking or business development:             Of course, the cobbler has no shoes, and I broke this rule recently, which I feel hurt my chances on landing a project I really wanted. I reveal more [...]

Your Networking Questions Answered – Radio Show

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In this episode of the SixFigureStart Career Coaching Radio Show, I answered questions on networking. This is a special episode that covers questions from my recent advanced networking strategies workshop for Ellevate:         New Self Help Podcasts with SixFigureStart on BlogTalkRadio Do you recommend any easy icebreakers? If someone says they could [...]