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Career Visibility When You Have Tried And Tried, And Nothing Works – Reader Question

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Reader Kay asks: I’m challenged with finding visibility outside of my unit. I’ve asked for stretch assignments and assignments that would enable me to interface with other units within the organization but those assignments have not materialized. I have no resource for getting exposure and exhibiting my capabilities and skills for career growth purposes. I [...]

How To Find Focus In An Open Workspace – Reader Question

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Reader H.M. asks: What are good ways of finding quiet in an open office or in securing a private office in the hiring process or after starting a job? This is a timely question since many workplaces I’m seeing are moving to an open floorplan – better collaboration and cost efficiency are the two reasons [...]

Thinking Of Your Next Career Move? Four Questions To Help You Decide

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In a recent workshop for executives, participants were mixed in their next career move – some wanted to advance at the current employer, some wanted to change jobs, still others wanted a new career altogether, while some wanted to start a business and others wanted to be more effective where they were but not make [...]

How To Find A Lost Reference – and Other Tips for Managing Your Professional References

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Ernie asks: I strongly agree that references are of utmost importance in hiring a new person. I have hired a few dozen and was always glad that I contacted the many references I got from prospective candidates. My challenge though is that at 68 years of age, references are essentially gone due to old-age and [...]

Secrets To A Successful STEM Career: Advice From Corlis D. Murray

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Corlis D. Murray holds the top engineering position at Abbott, a $20 billion global healthcare company. Murray is responsible for the company’s engineering, regulatory, and quality assurance functions in more than 150 countries. She also launched Abbott’s high school STEM internship program targeting underrepresented students. Since its inception in 2012, more than 50 young people [...]

Money Management Is Career Management – 5 Moves You Can Make In Minutes

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In this episode, I cover money management because money and career are tightly linked. I share 5 of my favorite tips and strategies, including: • Money education resources, including my personal favorites • How employers vet your money skills in the hiring process and how you can stay on top of this • Why networking [...]

Underemployment Is On The Rise – How To Stay Competitive

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According to the Accenture Strategy 2016 U.S. College Graduate Employment Study, 51% of class of 2014 and 2015 graduates think they are underemployed in their current job. This number has steadily climbed in the four years Accenture has been conducting the survey — up from 41% in 2013. The above statistics were the inspiration for [...]