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Lunch, Coffee, LinkedIn, Oh My! Five Guidelines For Deciding How To Spend Your Networking Time

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How do you decide how to spend your networking time when you’re busy and have precious little extra time? When is it worth the travel time to meet live for lunch or coffee? How do you know what LinkedIn or social media invites to accept? We all have multiple priorities and people competing for our [...]

Recruiters Calling You Less Or Not At All? – Four Ways To Revive Job Market Interest

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At a career management workshop for experienced professionals, one attendee lamented that he used to get a healthy stream of recruiter calls. He didn’t return the calls, and now the calls have stopped. How could he revive interest? I posted recently on how to rekindle a lost connection, but recruiters are a different breed of [...]

How Safe Is Your Job? A Job Security Checklist To Test How Valuable You Are To Your Company

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I get a lot of questions about job security, as more anxiety stems from economic disruption due to trade wars or technology disruption due to AI (artificial intelligence) and other innovations. In my latest Forbes post, I tackle the AI question and share five strategies to thrive in the AI workplace. But whether it’s AI, [...]

How Strong Are Your Communication Skills? A Five-Step Plan to Improve This Career Deal-Breaker

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I posted a three-part series in my Forbes column on communication skills in the job interview. The first entry is on non-verbal communication pet peeves in job interviews and was inspired by a question from a workshop attendee (this is why I’m always encouraging my readers to send questions – I do cover them in [...]