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How To Move From Entrepreneurship Back To Employment – Three Strategies For Telling Your New Story

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After several years at a top management consulting firm, my engineer client moved rapidly up the ranks of a start-up from operations to project management to head of business development, until slow growth and slower fundraising made him realize that he not only was not going to have the big exit story to tell at [...]

Networking And Career Change – How To Introduce Yourself When The Identity You Have Is One You Want To Shed

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If you want to change careers, you may wonder how to introduce yourself, when a common networking introduction is simply name and current job title (i.e., the title you don’t want anymore). This anxiety on how to introduce yourself deters people from networking altogether or might cause an aspiring career changer to mention everything but [...]

Four Steps To Interview With Confidence When You Have Little Relevant Experience For The Job

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If you are an aspiring career changer, a new graduate, or even an experienced professional but looking to enter a young industry (e.g., blockchain), then you have less relevant experience for a job than other candidates but still need to interview with confidence. As you sell yourself, you might feel disingenuous doing so. This impostor [...]