How This Senior Executive Broke Into The C-Level Ranks

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Publicity matters - speaking, writing, getting mediaFor the replay of my recent Publicity webinar, please see the bottom of this post. 

Landing publicity was how the senior executive I coached broke into the C-level ranks. But before I explain why publicity is so critical, first a disclaimer: there are multiple activities you should pursue to maximize something as multifaceted as your career – for example:

You should always take a comprehensive approach to your career that includes all of the above. That said, you have limited time and bandwidth to manage your career, and employers have limited time and bandwidth to make their decisions on who to hire, retain and promote.

Publicity can help you break out from being one-of-many professionals to being a unique value proposition

The senior executive who leapfrogged into the C-level spoke on a panel at an industry conference and was published in a trade journal, thereby establishing himself as someone with a particular expertise and point of view. The publicity differentiated him from every other executive in his crowded field and got him noticed by several companies, one of which hired him into a C-level job. It is especially important to break out of the one-of-many middle management ranks because of juniorization taking those middle manager jobs away.

In managing my own career, I admit that I didn’t think about publicity till Connie and I launched SixFigureStart and had to get the word out that we were now in business for ourselves. I know that many of our assignments can be traced back to people seeing us on TV or online or in a publication. Many business owners intuitively get the value of publicity.

Even traditional employees need to brand themselves like businesses do and therefore need publicity

However, in today’s job market, everyone is in business for yourself, even if you are officially on someone else’s payroll. You still need your own brand apart from your company, so that your employer works to retain you or that fast-growing competitor works to poach you because you are known for what you do. Whether you have a business or a job, you need to establish yourself as a leader in your field, so that opportunities come to you. The most effective way to do that is to get published, get featured or get quoted – i.e., get publicity that calls out your expertise.

This is not about getting on TV – that C-level client spoke at a local conference and was published in a niche publication, not a household name. Publicity can come in a variety of forms, but any third-party validation is a powerful differentiator. Everyone in this job market, whether you are new to the workforce or a C-level executive, needs to differentiate themselves to stay competitive.

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