End Strong – Pick One Career Action Per Day For The Rest Of 2017

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Maybe it’s the pianist in me, but in my recent Forbes post, I listed 88 career actions for a stronger career in 2018. If you started when the post published (on Oct. 4) and picked just one per day, you would have one action for every day through the end of the year.career actions for the rest of the year

By taking action each day, you gain momentum into 2018. By picking just one action per day, you save yourself from burnout – some of the suggestions took just a few minutes.

If one action per day still seems too daunting, focus on just one of the six categories I suggested and aim for one action per week. As an example, the category Maximizing Your Current Career has 16 actions on the list so you could tackle 1-2 per week and stay busy for the rest of the year. For additional, related tips on each one, I’ve linked to a longer post within each recommended action:

  1. Prepare a list of work accomplishments for your annual performance review. If you don’t have an official year-end review, ask for one.
  2. Schedule a meeting with your boss to plan for next year and to ask for the development, resources and recognition you need
  3. Collect testimonials or other evidence of positive results for the year. Bring this to your performance review!
  4. List supportive colleagues, management, and mentors. Do you have support at different levels?
  5. List supportive contacts in different departments and regions. Do you have widespread support?
  6. Sign up for an employee resource group or cross-functional activity.
  7. Mark your salary to market. Talk to recruiters and industry colleagues for current information.
  8. Prepare for your raise and/or bonus conversation – this is often separate from your review and even from a request for development and resources.
  9. Attend a professional association meeting or industry conference. Is your current role focused on where your industry is trending?
  10. Review your company benefits. Many companies have the benefits enrollment period towards the end of the calendar year.
  11. Review company press releases and announcements. Is what you’re working on aligned with where the company is going.
  12. Review the company annual report and financials. Is the company doing well?
  13. Walk around to different departments than you normally work with.
  14. Have lunch with a different set of colleagues.
  15. Declutter your desk.
  16. Review your wardrobe – what needs tailoring, cleaning or replacing?

You can find additional action ideas for Networking, Branding, Learning and more in my Forbes post with the full list of 88 items.

Which career actions will you take to end strong in 2017 and prepare for 2018?

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