Career Questions Answered On Career Change, Negotiation, and Breaking Into Management Consulting

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In this episode of the SixFigureStart Career Coaching Radio Show, I answered questions on whether to make a career change and how to do it, negotiation for resources, money, title, and appreciation, and breaking into the selective field of management consulting:

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Rhonda asks: …my current position is that of a managing writer/editor for a software company. My responsibilities include leading a team of writers, and managing and producing all of the customer-facing documentation for the product….I’ve been with the company for three years; however, I feel underpaid, under appreciated and under valued overall. My direct boss has communicated to me that the work I do for the company is not a priority – the software development takes precedence. Therefore, I’m left to handle the workload of many individuals under unattainable deadlines with little to no support. That being said, how do I promote myself within the organization so that I’m recognized, monetarily and title, by those above my boss as a valued contributor to the organization so that I’m able to expand my group to successfully complete the requirements necessary?

Jackie asks: I am unsure of whether I want to stay in my current field, I am a realtor, or not.

Anonymous asks: …I was reading one of you article “Five Reasons Your Interviews Don’t Lead To Job Offers: Why Your Career Change Efforts Are Not Working” posted on Forbes….I have a question in regard to one of topics you mentioned on this article – “You promise to learn instead of learning already” You mentioned  ” …. A better approach would be to come in with an existing strategy — in this case, an assessment of how this organization was using social media and ideas for how they might improve, including examples from peer organizations.”….I understand ‘social media’ was just an example. Your advice can apply to any system, or anything used by the target organization….I initiated an information interview with the target organization, but the company refused to provide information on their internal system due to whatever reason, so, I ended with no sufficient information to write a good assessment report like you’ve suggested on this article…..I have made connection to someone working in the organization, but that person has no knowledge on how his/her employer using the system I am researching. My question is how would you be able to assess your target organization’s internal system when you don’t have access to their system, or you cannot get sufficient information about the system?….I am not giving up too soon for my career change (step down in the pay scale) efforts. But, how many rejects one person can take or, is supposed to take before she/he loses the faith, or lose her/his house?

Shirley asks: How do you break into management consulting and how realistic is my attempt to apply at the top firms?…I have no related experience and study in a non-target school.


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