Employer References: A Deal-breaker Most Job Seekers Overlook

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As much as the market changes, good job search practices (like strong employer references!) stay the same. I have written before about how your professional references are critical and should not be an after-thought in your job search. Yet, in two separate searches in the last month, the employer reference stage either sealed or unsealed the deal.

An experienced but junior marketer had a short stint for his most recent job. In the interview, he was forthright that there was a personality difference between him and his supervisor. In the reference check stage, the head of HR actually broke company policy to speak candidly with me (it’s common for companies to have a policy forbidding reference checks). But this HR executive wanted to confirm the candidate’s story to ensure the candidate got fair consideration in his next role.

On the flip side, I reached out to a former supervisor of a senior executive. The upcoming role was a top job which meant management, operational and business development responsibility. I needed to confirm that this executive was effective on all three fronts. One of his references could not give me solid examples, so it was clear he wasn’t that close to his work. Another reference was solid but was an industry peer, not a supervisor. The third reference gave a strong personal reference but discounted much of the professional accomplishments the candidate had taken credit for. Yikes! Needless to say, this candidate is out of the running.


Do you have references who will speak up for you and support you, even if it means bending policy or stepping into a conflict?

Do you have references who know your work firsthand?

Do you have references who can substantiate the claims you make on your resume and in your interview?


Poor references are a deal-breaker in the job search — at every level in every role. Make sure you take the time to manage your references well before the offer stage so that you sail through a reference check.

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