Lindsay S., Audit

Caroline and Connie helped me develop my responses so that I had an answer for any possible question thrown at me during the interview. In previous interviews, I was always very hesitant after a question was asked. I needed to take time to think of an answer. After coaching with SixFigureStart, my interview with [Big Four Audit Firm] went very smoothly and I had great answers for everything asked. Without her help I do not think I could have received the [Big Four Audit Firm] offer.”

Jay P., Operations

It’s a 37% increase in salary. [My former employer] really wanted me to stay, but I was able to use that as leverage and negotiate the salary. Thanks so much for your guidance and advice – it truly helped me.



Olivia H., healthcare

It’s almost 2am here in the west coast but I am too excited to go to bed because I just got hired by a company (and industry) and will be doing something I’ve been dreaming for the past 4 years. They offered me the highest compensation which I don’t even need to go further negotiation. I am so grateful to find you and be inspired by you. I still can’t believe I am employed now.


A successful job search has three critical ingredients:

  1. Feedback – What is working well that you can build on? What is not working that you should fix?
  2. Best Practices – now that you know what you’re currently doing, what is the best way to proceed? What job search techniques and strategies get results?
  3. Ongoing Support – now that you know where you are and what you should be doing, how do you find the motivation to persist until you get there? How do you course-correct when things go wrong? What happens if you’re stuck and unsure what to do next?

The SixFigureStart® JumpStart Coaching Program gives you all three critical ingredients:

Ingredient #1: Feedback from a Fortune 500 recruiter:

  • Mock interview with a recruiter-turned-coach
  • Resume review and recommendations

The mock interview and feedback session is 45 minutes, one-on-one with a SixFigureStart® recruiter-turned-coach. You do not want a real interview to be the first time you try out your Tell Me About Yourself story, or fumble through the Weakness question, or get a curve ball that you have to handle. Instead, you want to practice in a safe but realistic environment. You also want to practice with someone who has hired before and therefore knows what employers are looking for and can share candidly what your hiring prospects are right now.

The interview is conducted by phone on a recorded line so you can hear how you really sound and you capture all of the candid insights and recommendations that our coaches will share (and that recruiters never will).

In addition, you will get a written review of your resume. Recruiters spend seconds reviewing a resume – how does yours come across? Submit your resume as a Word document, and receive a marked-up version with changes and comments Tracked, so you can see what works and what doesn’t from a SixFigureStart recruiter-turned-coach. This allows you to understand exactly how a recruiter thinks about every aspect of your resume, thus giving you a more realistic assessment of your prospects and how to move forward.

Know where you stand before you talk to your dream employer.

Ingredient #2: Best Practices:

  • Recorded workshops on a comprehensive and complete range job search topics, using the proprietary SixFigureStart six-step job search approach
  • Proprietary exercises to help you refine your individual job search campaign

When you join the program you receive Mp3’s of 20 of our most popular workshops relevant to your job search:

  1. How the Hiring Process Really Works
  2. Time Management and Career Planning
  3. ID Your Ideal Job Targets
  4. Create A Powerful Marketing Campaign
  5. Creating A Personal Brand
  6. Cover Letters and Resumes
  7. Conduct In-Depth Research
  8. Effective Networking:  Art of the Approach
  9. Effective Networking: Art of the Follow-up
  10. Networking 2.0: Online Networking and the Job Search
  11. Master the Interview:  Overview of the Process
  12. Master the Interview: 12 Common Questions Decoded
  13. Troubleshoot Your Job Search
  14. Negotiate and Close the Offer
  15. Onward! Overcoming Money Obstacles
  16. Onward! Overcoming Energy Blocks
  17. Onward! Overcoming Fear
  18. Onward! Overcoming Negative People
  19. Onward! Overcoming Your Own Doubts
  20. Recession-Proof Your Job

You also will receive 10 assessments, exercises and checklists:

  1. Job Search Skills Assessment – on 60 action items, what do you do well, not well, or not at all?
  2. Life Skills Assessment – is your life supporting your career? What foundational areas need attention?
  3. Resume Checklist
  4. Cover Letter Checklist
  5. Networking Pitch Exercises
  6. Top 12 Interview Questions and a 5-point structure for providing complete examples
  7. Decision Tree Exercise –to help you identify your priorities
  8. Strengths Exercise – to help you identify your best attributes
  9. Visioning Exercises – to help you identify the best career path
  10. Target Company and Contact Organizer

Ingredient #3: Ongoing Support:

THREE additional 45-minute coaching sessions to use however you choose:

  • Additional mock interview practice
  • Feedback on your LinkedIn, networking pitch, or other marketing
  • Help with a job negotiation
  • Planning for career advancement
  • Refining your job search for a career change

Sessions are conducted on a recorded conference line so you receive an Mp3 of your session. There is flexibility in when you schedule your calls. However, sessions must be used within 90 days of the date of purchase.

Join JumpStart for $1,500

$1,500 is the investment for the customized feedback on your resume; a mock interview with a recruiter-turned-coach; the best practices workshops and exercises; and THREE private 45-minute coaching sessions to be used for your specific needs.

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