Career Marketing Lessons From The World Of Coca-Cola

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On a pleasure visit to the World Of Coca-Cola, I noticed three key lessons from Coke’s tremendously successful product marketing that convey relevant career marketing lessons to professionals seeking a new job or promotion:

Focus on the unique benefits

Coke’s first branding campaign centered on its uniqueness and its great taste. Are you one-of-a-kind? What are your benefits? A surprising number of even talented, experienced professionals cannot clearly and concisely articulate why an employer should hire or promote them – and not someone else. Coke also solved problems for its consumer – the 6-pack so you could buy enough for the family, the dispenser so you could have the drink at home. How exactly are you going to improve your target employer’s situation? What pain points will you alleviate?brand yourself with marketing lessons from Coke

Tap into emotions and aspirations

Coke expanded its marketing to focus on the Coke lifestyle – more energy, more fun, a better life all because of Coke. When you tell your story and give examples of what you can do, does your target employer feel transformed? You want the employer to feel, “Wow, we need to get [INSERT YOUR NAME] in here right away.” You want the employer to be able to visualize you in the role you want, working seamlessly with the people there and getting results.

Never stop refining

In several exhibits, you could see how Coke changed and flexed over time – expanding into different countries and tailoring its products specifically, acquiring new products altogether, tapping into different marketing memes or celebrities. Is your personal branding as dynamic and adaptable? Do you update your marketing for current norms? How freely do you adopt new skills, such as a new social media platform or taking on a side gig to ride the uptick in contingent work? Even a stalwart like Coke is continuously tweaking its brand. Are you?


What lessons and inspirations have you seen from products you admire?

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