10-Day Blog Challenge Day 9: Location Independence

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location independenceThis blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9 which is about location independence — i.e., having the ability to work remotely.

Natalie has traveled to ~70 countries while building a multiple six-figure business, so she is an extreme version of location independence. I have two kids, so not doing as much travel especially during the academic year calendar, but I still appreciate being able to work remotely. It has allowed me to move outside of the main city and still maintain my client base. It gives me flexibility when I do need to take a trip. Setting up systems and processes for working remotely has forced me to become more efficient. I highly recommend looking into location independence even if you intend to keep your regular office.

That said, there are challenges when you work remotely, such as making sure you stay on the radar of your boss, senior management, and colleagues. If you’re not used to working remotely, you may find the freedom more stressful than freeing, as you have to self-motivate to get things done. You may even miss the water cooler talk (I know I did and look forward to times I have to be onsite with the client to get that office camaraderie!).

Still, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Being able to pull up roots and work from anywhere means you can work from your favorite locations. Mine would be anywhere with a beach. My morning routine often includes writing, so I would love to be looking at the water with just my pot of tea and my laptop. I also like to meditate and journal in the morning, and who wouldn’t want to do that surrounded by the expanse of the ocean and the warmth of the sand beneath your feet!

I would retreat to an indoor office for my thinking work – research, any numbers I need to review for my businesses. Then I would have a proper lunch – no last-minute choices at the deli and eating at my desk. I eat healthier and more judiciously when I’m away from the hustle and bustle of a regular office. After lunch, there is more time for work but also for an afternoon activity to break the routine. Here’s where I plan on meetings and calls – this way, my typical energy slump is buoyed by the presence of others (don’t try this if you’re an introvert!). Then, it’s dinner, a walk, family time, and otherwise winding down from the day. It’s much easier to schedule a perfect day when you’re remote and control the entirety of the day.

What’s your perfect, location-independent work day?

Natalie Sisson 10-Day Blog Challenge


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