10-Day Blog Challenge Day 10: Celebrating Freedom (Yes, Even In Working Day-To-Day Toward Your Career Goals)

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celebrating freedomThis blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10 which is about celebrating freedom – i.e., taking a look back at the blog challenge and picking the favorite challenge and key takeaways.

Taking a look back and celebrating what you have accomplished is critical for all goal-seekers, not just bloggers. Career goals, in particular, stretch out over the ong-term, so many times it’s hard to feel like you’re getting any momentum. Taking a small action each day can help keep you on track, and then writing down the actions you take so you can see firsthand how much you have accomplished continues the momentum.

Picking a favorite action is also helpful in making you self-aware of what comes naturally. You want to build on your natural strengths. At the same time, you want to make sure you don’t avoid the other activities that don’t come as easily – your career goals will need a mix of tactics, like networking, research and branding. Once you’ve identified your favorite, you can work that into each day (or most days) so you have something that feels easy, just as long as you do other things as well.

Looking for key takeaways in your activity is also critical so you can identify those a-ha lessons you might apply elsewhere. You can also troubleshoot where you’re stuck or not seeing results. When you regularly look for key takeaways, you make faster progress and nip problems in the bud.

For me, this blog challenge helped me getting into a daily practice of writing. I realized I could write without waiting for the proverbial “inspiration” but rather I could inspire myself. I also found that I really enjoyed having specific topics pop up in my inbox each day, so I could just write and not wait for an idea. This suggests a tactic I can do for myself – either setting up automatic emails with writing prompts, or simply creating an editorial calendar I can stick to at a defined schedule. I also enjoyed mixing professional advice with some personal musings, like my favorite day. I tend to write strictly professionally, so the personal prompts were a stretch.

I hope you enjoyed reading this 10-day blog challenge, as much as I enjoyed writing it. What are your favorite takeaways?

Natalie Sisson 10-Day Blog Challenge


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