How To Move From Entrepreneurship Back To Employment – Three Strategies For Telling Your New Story

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After several years at a top management consulting firm, my engineer client moved rapidly up the ranks of a start-up from operations to project management to head of business development, until slow growth and slower fundraising made him realize that he not only was not going to have the big exit story to tell at [...]

Four Ways To Practice For A Job Interview So You Sound Prepared But Not Overly Rehearsed

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In my 20+ years of recruiting, most candidates don’t practice enough for a job interview, so overwork is not a common problem. If you are looking for a job and not currently doing any interview practice, you want to do some preparation ASAP and not worry about sounding overly rehearsed. (You can start with these [...]

3 Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out – Even When You Have No Brand Names In Your Background

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Brand name employers and education are a powerful way to make your resume stand out, but not the only way to make a positive first impression. Brand names include Fortune 500 companies, top-tier universities, high-profile start-ups and other household names that are easily recognizable by a wide variety of people. These places are presumably hard [...]

A Simple Two-Step Process To Answer A Negative Interview Question Like ‘What Is Your Biggest Mistake?’

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  Most job interviews include at least one negative interview question: What is your biggest weakness? Tell me about a project where something went wrong. What is the biggest mistake you made? The interviewer is looking for habits, qualities or skill deficiencies that might hinder your ability to do the job. In addition, the interviewer [...]