Your Survival Guide To Holiday Networking: How To Handle Seven Common Problem Situations

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Even if you avoid networking all year, it’s inevitable during the holiday season that you will find yourself at a networking event – your company party, your kids’ school events, the year-end celebration for a professional group you’re involved with. Networking this time of year is also beneficial as people tend to be more festive [...]

Had A Great Job Interview? A Critical Job Search Mistake To Avoid And 10 Suggestions For What To Do Instead

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Picture this all-too-common scenario which leads to a critical job search mistake: You had a great job interview which ends with the recruiter indicating you will be called back shortly. So you go about your business waiting for that callback to be scheduled. In the best case, the recruiter does call back, further interviews are [...]

Recruiters Calling You Less Or Not At All? – Four Ways To Revive Job Market Interest

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At a career management workshop for experienced professionals, one attendee lamented that he used to get a healthy stream of recruiter calls. He didn’t return the calls, and now the calls have stopped. How could he revive interest? I posted recently on how to rekindle a lost connection, but recruiters are a different breed of [...]

How To Move From Entrepreneurship Back To Employment – Three Strategies For Telling Your New Story

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After several years at a top management consulting firm, my engineer client moved rapidly up the ranks of a start-up from operations to project management to head of business development, until slow growth and slower fundraising made him realize that he not only was not going to have the big exit story to tell at [...]