How This Senior Executive Broke Into The C-Level Ranks

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For the replay of my recent Publicity webinar, please see the bottom of this post.  Landing publicity was how the senior executive I coached broke into the C-level ranks. But before I explain why publicity is so critical, first a disclaimer: there are multiple activities you should pursue to maximize something as multifaceted as your [...]

Seven Steps To Take Before You Ask For A Raise

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This career advancement post originally appeared in my Work In Progress blog for Yes it is an older post, but honestly, while the market conditions change over time, the actual aspects of negotiating your salary don’t change.  ==================== In the past few years, the tight labor market has led to layoffs and restructurings that [...]

Negotiating Compensation: Why You Should Focus On More Than Just Salary

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There is a difference between negotiating your compensation and negotiating your salary. While your salary is what you will get paid by the hour or by the paycheck or by the year, your compensation represents the overall package of what you will receive. Salary is just one component of compensation, and while perhaps the salary [...]

Career Change And Impostor Syndrome — How To Increase Your Confidence When Changing Careers

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Impostor syndrome, or feelings of inadequacy despite having achieved recognizable success, is a phenomenon more commonly used to describe high-performing women who feel like a fraud (or impostor, hence the phrase) despite their high achievement. I have encountered clients (of both genders actually) who use the word impostor to describe how they feel when attempting [...]

Lunch, Coffee, LinkedIn, Oh My! Five Guidelines For Deciding How To Spend Your Networking Time

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How do you decide how to spend your networking time when you’re busy and have precious little extra time? When is it worth the travel time to meet live for lunch or coffee? How do you know what LinkedIn or social media invites to accept? We all have multiple priorities and people competing for our [...]

Your Survival Guide To Holiday Networking: How To Handle Seven Common Problem Situations

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Even if you avoid networking all year, it’s inevitable during the holiday season that you will find yourself at a networking event – your company party, your kids’ school events, the year-end celebration for a professional group you’re involved with. Networking this time of year is also beneficial as people tend to be more festive [...]