Six Books In Six Weeks: Business Book Reviews For 2019 (So Far)

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One of my favorite side benefits of blogging on career and business is getting advance copies of business books. I regularly receive professional development, self-improvement and business books. Authors and their publicists send me these, hoping for coverage. I welcome the pitches to stay on top of new resources that can potentially benefit my readers. [...]

10 Inspiring Quotes On Mentorship

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January is National Mentorship Month. If you haven’t yet had a mentor of your own, I highly recommend it! Mentorship is excellent support for career-building, and you can follow these 10 tips for getting the most out of a mentor relationship. As we wrap up National Mentorship Month, here are 10 of my favorite quotes [...]

Stop Playing The Comparison Game! Five Good Habits To Adopt Instead Of Competing With Others

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The other day I found myself sucked into the social media abyss and playing the comparison game. You know the game I’m referring to – where you look at all the cool things your former colleagues and/or classmates are up to and how much further ahead they are than you in their careers, businesses, finances, [...]

Troubleshoot Your Job Search — New Webinar On Tuesday, February 12

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An experienced professional came to me with a conundrum. He had an amazing resume – top universities, brand-name employers, impressive career progress. He landed a lot of meetings, and networking contacts always returned his calls. However, after several busy months talking to dozens of people in his target sector, he still didn’t have a job. [...]