Negotiating For Job Title

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Today’s radio show episode is about offer negotiation, specifically negotiating for job title, not compensation, benefits, or the many other factors that go into an offer.

Hannah asks:  I’ve been a newspaper editor about six years. The job I’m pursuing is in magazine editing. The position has previously been termed copyeditor, but it hasn’t been formally posted and the hiring manager is still considering what all it will entail. I’m currently a managing editor and feel that having a copyeditor title would seem like a step down, though it would be in a different segment of the industry. Should I negotiate a more lateral title if I’m chosen for the job?

In this 15-minute audio, Caroline talks about the can, should and how of negotiating for job title specifically:

  • Can you negotiate a different job title than the role is advertised? Yes!
  • Should you negotiate job title (or focus elsewhere)? Depends on your priorities, so know these BEFORE you negotiate!
  • If you decide to go for it, how do you negotiate to get the job title you want? Build your argument, prepare for push back, and PRACTICE in performance conditions.


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