How the Fierce Handle Fear

Read 22 essays on fear, including works by Donald Trump, Jack Canfield, Pamela Slim, and SixFigureStart® co-founder Caroline Ceniza-Levine.  Here is an excerpt of Caroline’s chapter:

Fighting Fear With Fear

excerpted from “How the Fierce Handle Fear:
Secrets to Succeeding in Challenging Times

Chapter by Caroline Ceniza-Levine, Edited by Sophfronia Scott

I am an extreme career-changer:  classical pianist, banker, management consultant, executive recruiter, actor, life coach, corporate HR director, real estate investor, entrepreneur.  I have worked in different industries doing different jobs.  I have worked in big and small companies.  I have worked alone, with big groups and leading teams.  I have made big changes in my personal and my professional life, in up and in down markets.

However, if you told me early on that the above would describe my career path, I would have dismissed you.  I am risk-averse.  I don’t take chances like starting a business or entering rejection-ridden fields like acting.  I’m too afraid to do any of these things I just listed above.

And yet I did.  And so can you.  I’m still full of fear – that’s just how I am.  I worry a lot.  I imagine the worst.  I see half empty glasses everywhere.  But I developed strategies, techniques, and tips that enabled me to press on, even with the fear ever present.

As it turns out, these same strategies helped other people, and so I write about them and lead workshops about them, coaching people on how to overcome their own fears.  I truly believe we can have everything we really want and are willing to work for….

This is how my chapter begins.  I write about one of my extreme career transitions from corporate to acting and the 3 strategies I used to overcome fear and make the leap.

Remember, in addition to my chapter, read 21 other essays on fear, including works by Donald Trump, Jack Canfield, Pamela Slim, and other leading business authors.

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