Career Change And Impostor Syndrome — How To Increase Your Confidence When Changing Careers

Impostor syndrome, or feelings of inadequacy despite having achieved recognizable success, is a phenomenon more commonly used to describe high-performing women who feel like a fraud (or impostor, hence the phrase) despite their high achievement. I have encountered clients (of both genders actually) who use the word impostor to describe how they feel when attempting […]

Five Career Reflections To End This Year Strong And Get A Running Start On Next Year

At year-end, it’s fun and helpful to look back on the previous year – fun because you usually accomplish a lot more than the busyness of the year allows you to celebrate; and helpful because you can build on your recent success. How was your year? Are there any insights that can be helpful for […]

Ten New Year’s Resolutions For Your Career

If you have not settled on your new year’s resolutions, here are 10 new year’s resolutions for your career: 1 – I will be proactive If you’re lukewarm about your job, make this the year you find one that excites you. This doesn’t mean you have to leave – a lateral move might give you […]


There is one simple difference between people who find exactly the career they want and those who settle for something less. Those who [Read More…]


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