Networking From Scratch — If My Professional Network Suddenly Disappeared, Here Is How I Would Build It Up Again

A reader of my recent networking post, Ten People You Need To Have In Your Professional Network, gave me a follow-up challenge: I've been to so many lectures or read articles and they all say the same thing. Rely on your network or use your network to accomplish this or that. What they all overlook … [Read more...]

If I Could Wish One Success Trait For My Clients, It Would Be This

For most of January, I featured blogs on motivation and productivity because it was new year’s resolution time so the “how to reach success in your goals” theme seemed apropos. I actually returned to that theme in February for two additional posts, after discovering a startling statistic: over 40% … [Read more...]

Rebecca Matthias on Business Success

Think big.  Focus.  Never give up.  That’s your mantra.  Everything else will fall into place. – Rebecca Matthias Rebecca Matthias is CEO of Mothers Work (retail outlets include Mimi Maternity, Pea in the Pod, and Motherhood). This quote is from her book, Mothers Work, one of my favorite business … [Read more...]

Month-by-Month Ideas For Your New Year’s Resolutions

In my Forbes post on 12 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Career, I break down a big and broad new year’s resolution like career advancement into 12 smaller resolutions you can focus on for 30 days at a time. There are several advantages to a monthly v. yearly approach to resolutions – you only commit … [Read more...]

5 Daily Habits That Promote Ongoing Success

I have ongoing success, not just one-hit wonders, on the brain. My recent Forbes posts have been book reviews of Larry Weidel’s Serial Winner: 5 Actions To Create Your Cycle of Success and Robert Kaplan’s What You Really Need To Lead: The Power of Thinking and Acting Like an Owner. Both books cover … [Read more...]

Eight Limiting Beliefs That Derail Career Success

The post a couple of weeks ago referenced limiting beliefs about leadership development – companies assume employees aren’t interested in leadership; and employees aren’t feeling enough support from their companies to grab those leadership roles. Limiting beliefs are prevalent in a lot of different … [Read more...]

Achieving A Goal Is Admirable, If You Picked The Right One

Sometimes we’re so focused on achieving a goal, we don’t realize we don’t want it anymore, or it wasn’t the right thing to begin with. In a recent Forbes post, I wrote about tackling that interview bugaboo, the “tell me about yourself” question. A mistake many job candidates make is to answer the … [Read more...]

Five More Limiting Beliefs That Hinder Success

In a recent Forbes post I covered five limiting beliefs that hinder success. I’ve been guilty of all of these – some I outgrew but some come and go depending on what new scary goal I go after or deep-seated behavior I try to change. For example, with limiting belief #1 around money and greed, I … [Read more...]

Negotiation Success Requires Desire Not Desperation – Video Blog

In today's video blog I cover a critical negotiation success element: how to balance staying positive and showing interest without seeming too interested (i.e., desperate) and giving away your leverage: … [Read more...]

Do You Measure By Feelings Or Numbers? – Forbes

This life coaching post also appears in my Work In Progress blog for What gets measured gets managed – Peter Drucker I’m with Drucker on this one. There are many things to track quantitatively: revenues and costs if you’re a business owner; bottom line impact if you’re an … [Read more...]