How To Negotiate Severance –

Connie comments on negotiating severance in Susan Adams' latest piece for How To Negotiate Severance: New York career coach Connie Thenasoulis-Cerrachio, who previously worked in human resources for Citigroup C +1.34%, Pfizer PFE +0.07% and Merrill Lynch, says if you’re working on a … [Read more...]

10 Career Steps To Take After A Layoff

This post originally appears in my Work In Progress blog for   In just the last few weeks, three big companies announced three big layoffs. Pepsi is cutting 8,700 jobs. American Airlines is looking to cut 13,000 jobs. Kraft is cutting 1,600. While the overall unemployment … [Read more...]

Diary of a Job Seeker: 7 company interviews in just 18 business days!

Recently, a past colleague referred me to his friend for a job search consultation.  In just 2 minutes, I knew that this person was solidly on his way to finding his next position and it was just a matter of time before he landed.  In fact, he didn't even need to talk with me for direction, but he … [Read more...]