Are You Stuck Due To Limiting Beliefs Or A Legitimate Deal-Breaker?

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I have written before about limiting beliefs that hinder career success. These are negative stories we tell ourselves that dilute our confidence and take us out of the running before we give our full effort. Lately, the issue of limitations has popped up again in multiple reader questions: can I look for a job while [...]

Free Resources for Mental Toughness

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I am so excited to be the closing speaker in the 2012 Mental Toughness Telesummit! My friend and coaching colleague, Renita Kalhorn, is a Juilliard-trained pianist, Insead MBA, martial arts black belt, and now a peak performance coach, including work w/ Navy SEAL candidates.  She's brought together 10 speakers on various areas of mental toughness [...]

Are You Responding Or Just Reacting?

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I led a workshop last week on Resilience, where we covered ensuring peak performance, recovering from mistakes, and maintaining long-term focus. This was for a group of type-A research analysts at a leading financial institution, so they were already operating at a high level. One of the senior participants asked a great back-to-basics question:   [...]

Free Workshop For Women Entrepreneurs on Jan. 25/ NYC location

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I'm so excited to be collaborating with Renita Kalhorn, peak performance expert, on a new workshop for women entrepreneurs.  The workshop will take place at In Good Company Workplaces in NYC: Resilience In Work and Life: How to Overcome Obstacles to Your Success We live with uncertainty all around us - the economy, international security, [...]