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Performance Review Best Practices

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Ideally, your company offers a mid-year performance review so you can see where you stand and make some adjustments before year-end. If your company doesn’t offer one, set one up for yourself – doing a self-assessment of where you think you are and asking your manager for feedback. If your company does offer one, here [...]

How to Make Sure Your Next Raise is Bigger than 3% – and

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This career advice post originally appears in my weekly column for and In my 20-plus years working in HR-related roles, I have never met anyone, management or staff, who looked forward to performance review season. So, chances are, you aren’t thinking ahead to your annual year-end sit-down with the boss. It’s only July [...]

I Fix Co-Workers’ Problems, They Get My Raise – Life Reimagined For Work

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In my career advice column for Life Reimagined For Work, I tackle the vexing problem of not getting credit for your work. This office professional fixes problems and comes up with ideas only to watch others benefit. I share 3 strategies: 1) Itemize your contributions - Document what support people ask of you, noting any [...]

CBS Moneywatch Career Coaching Advice For Getting Noticed At Work

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In this career advice piece from Amy Levin-Epstein for CBS Moneywatch, several career coaches, including myself, share tips on how to get the proper recognition in the workplace: Caroline Ceniza-Levine, partner with the career consulting firm SixFigureStart "If you are doing a good job but still getting overlooked, then your good works are not getting [...]

Great Strategies For Getting A Raise NOW!

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It's absolutely true that companys are not simply handing out raises. You have to make quite a case for getting one, especially in this economy. Read my best strategies for making your best case for getting a raise this very instant!