Money and Career Is Not Just About Salary

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Our latest career coaching radio show talked about money and career. While I talked about salary negotiation, of course, I also covered 2 other ways that money impacts your career: A strong financial foundation helps you take risks, so good finance habits matter even to people not in finance; and Your career is often your [...]

How Can I Find A Career That Gives Me Purpose?

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This post also appears in my Work In Progress blog for This is a question that a reader actually submitted (thank you, Kenny!), and with no other information, my first reaction is that it is a two-part question: Part 1 – What gives you purpose? Part 2 – How do you build a career [...]

5 Non-Work/ Non-Family Must-Dos for Working Parents

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This post also appears in my Work In Progress blog for Ok, you probably don’t want to hear that there is something else to do, when you’re stretched thin by your job and family obligations. But everyone I know who has been happily juggling work and family, including myself with husband, 2 daughters and [...]

Inspiration Friday: Thomas Adams on the cost of passion

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Passion costs me too much to bestow it on every trifle. – Thomas Adams  Passion is expensive.  It takes your mental focus, your emotional energy, your physical stamina.  Are you frittering yours away? Are you expending precious energy worrying about small details of things that really don't matter? Or are you doing the opposite:  numbing [...]

If You Had One Shot To Seize Everything You Ever Wanted…

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Warning:  the below links to an Eminem video. A shout out to Adrian J. Cartwood and his very entertaining and thought-provoking blog ( for reminding me about 8 Mile, a gem of a movie. I watched it at the suggestion of Judith Searcy, my improv teacher at School For Film and Television, because she [...]

Pursue Your Passion With the Help of Pursue The Passion

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I had the pleasure of speaking with Brett Farmiloe, co-founder of the non-profit Pursue The Passion ( PTP was started by two 2006 grads, Brett Farmiloe and Zach Hubbell, who wanted to discover their passion and help others do the same.  What resulted is an organization that creates short videos featuring people in different careers.  Watch [...]