Seven Levers To Negotiate As A Consultant, Temp Or Freelancer

Yes, you can negotiate as a consultant, temp, freelancer, or small business owner. Don’t assume that just because you’re not full-fledged staff, you have less influence. Don’t assume that since it’s just you v. a bigger company that you don’t have leverage. Don’t assume that a company can’t pay … [Read more...]

How To Find Focus In An Open Workspace – Reader Question

Reader H.M. asks: What are good ways of finding quiet in an open office or in securing a private office in the hiring process or after starting a job? This is a timely question since many workplaces I’m seeing are moving to an open floorplan – better collaboration and cost efficiency are the two … [Read more...]

Ask For Even More, Part 2: Negotiate To Help People Help You

Client got 10% more. I was more excited about severance – @SixFigureStart That was a Tweet I wrote for my recent Forbes post on Ask For Even More: Five Items Even Savvy Professionals Forget To Negotiate For. My client came to me for negotiation support on her multiple six-figure package, and we … [Read more...]