Career Advice For New Graduates In My New Career Column For Money And Time

career advice for new graduatescareer advice for new graduatesI am so excited to be the career blogger for the launch of and - career channel. I'll be doing a weekly column on a range of career coaching topics, including job search, networking, salary negotiation, and more. For my first column, I was inspired by the June graduation season and share tips for new graduates who are still on the job hunt: As a former recruiter, I have hired thousands of new graduates into their first full-time jobs, so I’ve seen the hiring process up close, inside and out. (more…)[Read more…]

Grads: A lame job is better than no job

I am quoted in Laura Vanderkam's latest piece for Fortune on whether new graduates are better off taking a less-than-ideal job or holding out for something better:

...while you'll probably get a grace period in employers' eyes for a while post-graduation, "The reality is that any gap longer than six months has to be explained," says Caroline Ceniza-Levine, a career coach and co-founder of SixFigureStart. "The question becomes why didn't you take anything? It's hard to justify." Saying you were holding out for the perfect job isn't particularly helpful because "anyone with experience knows there's no such thing as the perfect thing."

Read the full article in Laura Vanderkam's latest for Fortune:  Grads: A lame job is better than no job  [Read more…]

What will happen to your summer offer?

For those of you who worked at Financial Services firms this summer, this is a time of anxiety.  You must be wondering if your offer will be honored or if it will be reneged upon.  We still don't know what exactly will happen since so many companies are being bought, merging, being broken into little pieces, or just plain going out of business..[Read more…]

5 Things Students Must Do When Returning to Campus

Labor Day brings the official close of the summer and students are now all back at school.  In this tough economy it will take more effort than ever to ensure employment either as a summer intern or as a full-time employee come next summer.  Here are the 5 best things you can do toward achieving that goal:.[Read more…]
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