10 Skills You Need For Management Success

Management success is different than on-the-job success. I spent most of last week coaching new managers at an emerging leaders program for the media industry. The level of talent was evident, and the participants had a rich set of skills and experience that made them so effective at their jobs that … [Read more...]

How To Excel In A Temp Management Role – eFinancialCareers

SixFigureStart is quoted multiple times in Simon Mortlock's piece for eFinancialCareers: How to excel as an interim manager in the banking sector. Don't let the title fool you: these tips are relevant to sectors well outside the financial one. Here are excerpts of my advice: 5) Set small … [Read more...]

From The Military Field To The Corporate Workplace: Ten Management Success Strategies

Earlier this month, I posted career advice for about the military to civilian transition. This time, I cover career advice from a military leader that translates to the civilian space. This post originally appears in my Work In Progress blog for Forbes.com: On November 14, 2012, Fordham Graduate … [Read more...]

How To Get What You Want From Anyone By Addressing These Two Issues

This career coaching/ communication skills/ networking strategies piece originally appears in my Work In Progress blog for Forbes.com: At different points in time, we all need or want something from a wide variety of people. You want a friend to refer you for a job. You want your boss to give you … [Read more...]

Work Conflict 101: What To Do When You (Or a Peer) Becomes the Boss

I am quoted in Life 2.oh! with tips on coping when you become the boss of peers or vice versa: When you’re the boss: 1. Open the dialogue and hear people out. “Meet with people individually to see how they feel about their jobs and to get suggestions,” explains Caroline Ceniza-Levine, a career … [Read more...]

Are You Ready For Your Most Valued Employees To Leave?

This post originally appears in my Work In Progress blog for Forbes.com:   Hiring in 2011 was stronger than previous years, and the uptick has continued in 2012. This is no secret to your staff, who have endured low or no salary increases and a higher workload. The fact that job market … [Read more...]

True Confessions of a Manager

Forgive me, direct reports, for I have sinned. It’s been 25 years since my last confession. I worked on Wall Street for a quarter of a century and for 22 of those years I managed others. My sin was that I didn’t always give them the feedback I should have – for many reasons including perhaps my … [Read more...]

Book Review: Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

Tony Hsieh, is CEO of Zappos.com, recently acquired by Amazon for almost $1 Billion.  His book, "Delivering Happiness:  A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose" almost reads like 2 books: the first is the story of his life as an entrepreneur culminating in his sale of Linkexchange to Microsoft for … [Read more...]

Book Review: Get Out of Your Own Way at Work…And Help Others Do the Same

Get Out of Your Own Way at Work...And Help Others Do the Same by Mark Goulston is a fast, digestible read on a variety of failings that might beset you or a colleague at work.  Procrastination, not taking No for an answer, and staying too long in a job you should leave are just 3 of the 40 items … [Read more...]